@dryad i am working on some software and it randomly showed me your recent toot and i couldn't agree more (re: censorship). thank you for speaking up about it! i feel like i have a minority opinion when i say "censorship should be left to the end-user, not their admin".

@dryad also i can't figure out how to like/boost your messages; your instance's UI buttons don't seem to work, and my mastodon instance doesn't show me your recent toots after i follow you. bummer

Hey. Yeah I made this acc to try out Pleroma. My main is deerbard on but I only post about art there so don't know if you're interested. Here I just wrote about it cause recent discussion...
Btw using fedilab seems to make things easier for me. Even liking and boosting between masto and pleroma.

@dryad the biggest/fastest iphone available, using toot!. i figured out i can log out of all but one account but add other logged-out servers, then i can fav/boost and it will prompt me to use the logged in account.

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