@aphyr i am sad you are in birdsite gaol but also i am glad you are here. here is some janky code i hacked together recently that does useful things with toots:

@aphyr i am aware that my opinions are unpopular; i wanted to get it out of the way up front for anyone who thinks that they can grant people the right to view their tweets in a browser but not grant them a right to save them. i appreciate the feedback, though! the code is a work in progress, i want to reconstruct as much of the public ActivityPub firehose as possible and archive/index it.

@sneak yeah you're not really making me feel any better about you or this project right now

@aphyr forgive the intrusion, then. welcome to the fediverse, may you toot happily.

@aphyr @sneak "We do not have a right to be forgotten"

EU law would disagree

@velartrill @aphyr EU law is frequently wrong, as in this instance

@sneak @velartrill @aphyr by very definition how can law ever be “wrong”? immoral/unethical/detrimental to society/etc sure but not what you wrote

@videomurder @velartrill @aphyr you can’t have a right to be forgotten as you don’t have the right to delete data from the drives of others

@sneak @velartrill @aphyr sounds like the logic of card dump sellers, stolen identity brokers, spies, stalkers, etc. an informational “might makes right” ideology, basically

@videomurder @velartrill @aphyr or search engines. there is a big difference between secret data and published data.

@sneak @velartrill @aphyr if the fundamentals of your tech ethics and stance on privacy mirror the behavior of Shodan, Google, FB, etc. then you’re fucking up big time

@videomurder @velartrill @aphyr you seem to conflate the privacy practices of google with the idea that web indexing is somehow an invasion. no content can be downloaded for a request that the web server does not provide. if you put something on the web, people are allowed to download it. that’s how the web works.

@sneak @videomurder @velartrill @aphyr reading this thread has given me an overwhelming sense that we need to destroy all computers asap

@rabcyr @videomurder @velartrill @aphyr you can start with yours, i am still happy with mine and will continue using it.

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