i get it, space is an outgrowth of military engineering, finance, and production. that said, is it weird and incongruent to anyone else that this upcoming crew dragon mission is so insanely nationalistic in its messaging? AMERICAN astronauts on AMERICAN rocket from AMERICAN soil to AMERic... oh wait no INTERNATIONAL space station

@sneak I tend to assume any PR related to space missions is more focused towards congresspeople than towards the general public

@sneak I'd guess that it is more that the space shuttles have been retired so long that it is a big deal that a US-made rocket is carrying them, because it is usually not the case.

@lnxw37a2 yes but who cares what country they're made in? that's down-well earth nonsense. once we have settlements on mars, do you really think people born there, ten light minutes away, are going to give two fucks about what earth-based landmass the visiting rockets are produced on? it's an implementation detail, an arbitrary division that serves no purpose but to obscure and distract.

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