ok so apparently it's trendy to hate apple and to want them to fail?

i'm not part of that. i just want my tools to work well. all tools suck, in different ways. all tools have trade-offs, and the downsides to those trade-offs must be mitigated no matter what tools you use.

i use apple tools because i'm intimately familiar with the tradeoffs of all major platforms and the upsides minus the time it takes to mitigate the downsides is greater there than other platforms.

@sneak "trendy" it's been a running undercurrent in FOSS circles since the original iPhone and before, don't kid yourself~

@allison no those people who were doing it then were never trendy. i'm talking about all the iphone normies that were butthurt they had to buy bluetooth headphones

@sneak Turns out that deprecating whole product classes kind of has a way of setting normies on edge. It's actually one of the things keeping me on my LG V20, 3.5mm is a *must* for me~
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