You can't create an Apple ID without a phone number. Phone numbers in the USA and other countries are tied to all sorts of PII, and most require ID to get.

There are SIM card exchange schemes or you could buy an already registered one off eBay or local equivalent.
Ah sorry, I thought you were facing this problem in particular, not pointing it out. It's the same with Google or bank accounts or Amazon after all.
@snow Like @sneak said, in many countries it requires showing valid IDs. There are online registrations with a video call they record, where you have to move the ID in front of your face and such.
@ultem @sneak

Oh shit, Germany need this?

I don't have to do this in here yet.
@snow @ultem @sneak But don‘t forget, Apple stores are location based - which means you need a compatible payment option too for the chosen country. If you like to buy content.

@nawi @ultem @snow you can use bitcoin to buy app store credit in any region

@sneak @ultem @snow Sure, but this I am invisible and nobody finds me makes no sense for any normal (without detailed skills) user.

@ultem yes but you can load apps onto an android phone without a google account. you can pay for things using cash without a bank account.

@sneak @ultem

Usually I would just replace it to be the lineage OS if it's available.
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