Fediverse instances are mostly run by unpaid volunteers who rely on donations to keep going. It's not just the time they give, but the running costs of the servers that they pay for.

If you use the Fediverse, please consider donating to the instance you signed up on. Donations help keep the Fedi ad-free and privacy-friendly.

On Mastodon, you can find details on how to donate by clicking "About this server" in the bottom left corner of the screen.

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@feditips also make sure your instance admin isn't censoring your feed before you donate! don't give money to those who would decide for you what you are allowed to read and see.


If the user wants a curated feed - like no NSFW or posts from bullshit instances?


@selea @sneak @feditips Then they can curate themselves, or _ask_ the admin to do so. It shouldn't be the default.

I mean, apart from the obviously heinous shit, of course.


> I mean, apart from the obviously heinous shit, of course.

This is what I am talking about, nothing else.
And why is "asking the admin" the right way to do it? Why should other users decide what the other users should see and not see?

@sneak @feditips

@selea @sneak @feditips I think I might be misunderstanding you - do you want curation or not? And who should be the curator?

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