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OS updates for M1 macs (like today's 12.2 security update) connect to some random 17./8 on port 80 to "personalize", which presumably transmits your hardware serial unencrypted? i'm redoing it now, while pcapping, to see what it is actually sending...

This is all of the things that try to talk to the internet on a brand new format/reinstall boot of macOS Monterey 12.1.

imagine being proud of this first bullet point, on stage

stands to reason this would exist, we have a low-current dc power jack standard now. glad this is a thing.

this is the first and my second linux install, 1999.

this was tweeted september 7th. it's still accurate, more than 90 days later, during yet another huge wave. tests are not widely available, and where they are, they cost 3-5x this amount.

america is dumb

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