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can we please have sports again so bored lonely brawlers can go back to wearing cheese heads or color coded shirts or whatever and stop stanning for creepy old racist dudes and cop-lovers

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wait lol you defeat fascism by just voting it out of office? that shit is easy lmfao

i'm in that tiny section of the venn diagram that believes that people shouldn't be censored by publishing platforms for abhorrent views expressed in publications, but also doesn't want people to post racist garbage. :(

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uspol musings 

@liaizon afaik the profile urls/posts are public, you can go view them with a browser and no signup

> Biden has a long track-record of giving legislative gifts to the finance sector at the expense of the American people. They called him "The Senator from MNBA" for a reason.

i would like a device i can sit on in front of the fireplace that slowly rotates so that one side of me doesn’t get too toasted while my other side is cold

the relief/gloating posts are as disgusting as the trumper ones. people who think biden is in any way an upgrade over trump are also just as much as part of the problem as trumpers. it's the *exact* same corporate authoritarian warmongering, just a different coat of paint. if you can't see that, you're totally blind.

don't worry, everyone. sources close to the matter tell me that this was all part of Q's plan.

i look forward to the day that the police do this and citizens take it upon themselves to return fire (and not with OC):

you can send morse 10m through a concrete wall using only a computer and ethtool:

(yes i know you can do other stuff to an rpi to generate RF, but this only requires a wired ethernet interface)

one vote per dollar paid in federal tax would actually be a way more fair system than the way it works now.

wondering if i could pull off a leather waistcoat

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What is the best way to handle

#fediblock #fediboost

just as i predicted, the rich old white rapist won the presidency! now to collect my winnings

the web3.js documentation is fucking terrible.

node reminds me of php these days, if you're like 3 versions back (as is common *everywhere*) there's fucktons of zany shit you have to deal with, which has of course been kinda-fixed in the current major version....

shoutout to the 59k michiganders who supported jo jorgensen.

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