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what is an app that can take multiple RTMP inputs (or an rtmp input from a periodic stream, and URLs to other source streams) and multiplex to an RTMP output based on stream activity? e.g. i'd like to rotate between n seconds of 3 streams (as client), feeding those to RTMP output, unless I am sending an RTMP stream in to the multiplexer, in which case it should override and take over the RTMP output. sort of like a video switcher/kvm for RTMP?

The discoverer of Uranus: "In the fabulous ages of ancient times the appellations of Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter and Saturn were given to the Planets, as being the names of their principal heroes and divinities. In the present more philosophical era it would hardly be allowable to have recourse to the same method and call it Juno, Pallas, Apollo or Minerva, for a name to our new heavenly body."

does it bother anyone else that the objects in our solar system are named after fairytale gods

huge shoutout to ebay for supporting WebAuthn!

the difference between 160ppi and 210ppi is a lot and is quite noticeable

the Cookie AutoDelete extension for Chrome is great.

Apple's terrible security decisions regarding iCloud, iMessage, and backups means that Apple and the feds can easily read your iMessages, with or without a warrant. ALWAYS use Signal!

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few things make me sadder than seeing really awesome content creators working really hard to build audiences, then promoting censorship and surveillance platforms as intermediaries between them and their audiences.

If you run a service that supports U2F or WebAuthn 2FA with a security key, you should have a setting in your account security settings that allows the user to set security key use as mandatory (disabling all other forms of 2FA like SMS or backup codes) provided they have at least 2 security keys configured.

there should be a big clicky a/b/c/d selector knob on every computer that lets you switch to a different VM and all input/output, including gpu, should switch so you can use a single machine like n machines without input/output lag or weird input fuckery/keystrokes like running everything in a VM causes now

the xps 17 looks like a halfway decent laptop.

make sure you thumbs down any youtube video that has a sponsor.

the osmo pocket really should have had a tripod mount screw hole in the bottom and a mic input jack.

why do people like vsauce and the everyday astronaut and the non-walrus mythbuster keep pretending that video personalities have human names

i saw kraftwerk like 6 times between 2005 and 2015 or so, sometimes in 3d. i would have paid extra for this performance instead:

sounds like apple's about to release some really nice over-ear wireless headphones with noise cancelling. i absolutely adore my sennheiser HD1s for wireless and my HD820s for my desk; i am already high-end-headphone maxxed out, so this might be the first apple new product in a *very* long time i won't buy.

i need two desks that are 75cm deep and 150cm wide and 70-75cm tall, or one 3m long desk that's 75cm deep and 70-75cm high. cheap and durable. western united states. please advise.

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