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UGH DO NOTTTTTT draw touch targets on screen then immediately animate them elsewhere and put SOME OTHER BUTTON where the first one was. my finger is already moving you slow motion dipshit app developers

i'm really sad about the github redesign.

apple's product designers are boring white and white-adjacent people who have no meaningful culture other than bicycles, yoga, and tartine bakery and it's lame as hell. the new phone OS is going to start reminding you to go to bed on time.

the rich white lady is telling us about hip hop on the apple live commercial

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so apparently the cops have been bullying people in the city centre so they flipped their shit and beat up a dozen cops

TIL using ashift=12 reduces your usable zfs array size by as much as 5%

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> On Thursday, the Christopher Columbus statue at San Francisco’s Coit Tower was removed by the city after protesters threatened to take it down and throw it into the Bay.

That's pretty awesome.

american puritanical culture doesn't just want to not be a groupie, it wants to purge the concept of anyone being a groupie. :(

endlessly disappointing that entirely consensual relationships between *adults* is now considered just cause for cancellation, and that those doing the cancelling are using terms reserved solely for rapists ("coercion") and pedophiles ("grooming").

it breaks my heart to see cancel culture out of control.

amazing to me that on the biggest store in the world you can't trust the amp-hour ratings on batteries they sell, and they have no accountability for that.

here's his brother addressing the city council in tears:

note that the pig that did this, John Nicklason, *is still on the street*. the Austin TX PD is not being held accountable.

This is the pig that gave a child permanent brain damage by fracturing his skull with a lead beanbag during a peaceful protest:

two black people were literally lynched (tree, rope, dead, et c) in america in the last two weeks and racist fuckhead newspapers reported them uncritically as suicides simply because that's what the police said. if that isn't enough indicator of systemic racism i simply don't know what is.

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