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the falun gong that are getting persecuted by the ccp are:

a) created in 1992 by a con man

b) also behind that shen-yun show that you've seen billboards for

c) anti-atheist and believe that humanity was visited by aliens

d) also run the epoch times, which is

e) super into trump

if this were r/aita this would be an ESH

inb4 strattera (which is first on the list to try)

i have untreated moderate-to-severe ADHD that is actually starting to interfere with my life now, and i don't want to take amphetamines or dopaminergic stimulants to treat it. what are my options?

having listened to the entire discography on shuffle 2-3x in full, i am pretty prepared to commit to the opinion that the talking heads are somewhat overrated. they're not bad, but it's not like they're amazing or anything.

archillect keeps dipping into my culture what with the 303 stuff and the 1200 stuff

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the M1 ipad pros have a usb-c charging issue. SWIM had issues with both their retail-purchased one as well as a replacement unit. i'm running into issues with mine where it is very picky with usb-c power sources.

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Someone posted this on one of the map subreddits and all the comments are people saying “I live in LA and I’ve never heard of korb torsons” and the OP arguing with them and it’s like the only good thing I’ve seen on there in years

the worst tragedy of my life is to have spent the majority of it on one planet's surface.

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ten years of paywall dickbar didn't do it.

i am now a paid subscriber to the times because of this:

give Eric Schmitt, Helene Cooper, Christoph Koettl, Evan Hill, Matthieu Aikins, Ainara Tiefenthäler and Drew Jordan a fucking award.

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timeline: bitcoin was still valued in pennies, apple was already strategizing on how to control the commanding heights of the economy by strangling the chokepoint on their payment system

this is why bitcoin exists - to keep this sort of thing from being successful
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Cum prices are out of control. Almost $5.00 a gallon here. Fucking thanks Joe Biden
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birbsite crosspost 

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I somehow woke up in a nicer timeline in which RMS gracefully resigned from the FSF and started his own cosmetics line

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Reminder that the police knows to watch lockscreen notifications and is known to use that to note down names, data etc. from all your friends writing you on those fancy encrypted activist apps.

Turn off all lockscreen notifications :)

hey twitter publishers: when someone lands on and clicks on your username in a mention, twitter is now no longer showing them your webpage on twitter, but is popping up a modal demanding a login.

Twitter is now explicitly using your content and brand to juice their signup and activity numbers, and interfering with your audience.

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