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what is with all of these antivaxxers

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The usual grumbling: when attempting to literally follow instructions, the newcomer is in for a surprise.

if you have to put your preferred pronouns in your bio you might be bad at your gender

i've been sysadminning for well over two decades and every time i try to log a service running under runit or daemontools/svscan, i try for 5 minutes, fail utterly, and give up.

someone want to give me the magic sauce?

it's really amazing to me how many haters moxie has. just goes to show you that even if you're a cypherpunk doing great work, doing the impossible (actual free software that actually works well, which is cryptography on top, making it 3x impossible) that people will still find lies to repeat to shit on you because you did something big and great and successful.

i was about to say "there should be a name for this" but then i recalled that there actually is:

stop making the little plastic bit behind the metal sticky-inny usb bit WAY thiccer because sometimes the port is recessed a little you jackasses

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Build KYC-free Bitcoin circular economies for truly free markets.

KYC excludes millions of people from the fiat economy, who can't get government ID or can't show ID for safety reasons.

Agorism offers free markets for products, jobs, housing, healthcare, travel, telecoms & more – no state-assigned identity or permission required.

Bitcoin circular economies:

KYC-free alternatives:

Reject the state's monopoly on identity:

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"highly classified"

"highly encrypted"

whenever anyone says these things, they are selling something. check your wallet and question everything they say.

i like how it's just assumed that gaming keyboard configuration tools are going to be a win32 .exe and that's what you're getting and you're going to like it.

it's really sad to see smart people i respect and admire both:

a) not understand that free and uncensorable payments are essential to a free society, just like free speech


b) shit on the people who are implementing same

these people got my respect in the first place by actually shipping work and being right. now they're just old and repeating falsehoods which are obvious from reading the code.

first you complain about being surrounded by stupid people, then you complain about a pandemic that kills off millions of the weak and unvaccinated

pick one

so element:

a) phones home to the centralized dev servers ( immediately on every launch

b) tries to download new "packages" (code) to run from the centralized dev servers


c) doesn't let you log into more than one account at a time

no i will not be adopting this thank you

when wokeness goes too far:

literally nobody sane or reasonable has any real issue with this. this is 100% performative nonsense, like renaming "primary" bedrooms.

i have a new favorite thing on the internet

spoilers are in the tweet replies and i heartily encourage you to seek them out. some are SO GOOD

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