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the white house said on or about 7 jan that there would be a website where US people could order test kits, and that they would go out by mail starting mid-january. tomorrow is the 14th.

no website, no tests.

covid tests on amazon in the US right now don't even ship out for well over a week from now if you order them today.

curious: the bootable 12.1 installer won't boot my 8c last-of-the-x64 rMBP machine after a full internal drive wipe. it insists on internet recovery.

macs become less trustworthy by the day.

astounding to me that the tech press hasn't picked up on the fact that 12.1 is still shipping scaffolding for clientside privacy destruction by scanning your local files.

it's actually sort of hard to get gmail to delete a decade's worth of email. at least google takeout makes it easy to get the whole thing as mbox though

i just deleted 50k messages out of my work gmail as i degoogle my life

racing tools spamming "fuel cell" with special metal racing fuel tanks on lord bezos' market so i can't find combustion reactors for dc power output

from the "Round Rects Are Everywhere!" story from spring of 1981:

In the very first line, something I missed before: Bill Atkinson, one of the most productive and valuable contributors of all time to Apple's SDE efforts, worked mostly at home, coming in to the office only when necessary. 1981.

stands to reason this would exist, we have a low-current dc power jack standard now. glad this is a thing.

extremely excited to switch to ungoogled android (graphene) as my daily driver as soon as my pixel 6 pro arrives. i put a folder of jpegs into a folder on my desktop and syncthing made them magically appear in my photos app (in their own album). i took a picture on the phone and the file magically appeared on my desktop. syncthing is wonderful.

apparently the nsa was tracking bitcoin users by IP/timestamp (which maps to subscriber ID) as early as march 2013. i speculated as much in a blog post in december 2013. we found out authoritatively in 2018.

also interesting: i posted a post to my corporate blog in dec 2014, and IA/wayback has archives from 2015, and it's not in them? the blog posts cut off in 2013...


this is the first and my second linux install, 1999.

i just found code i wrote in 2000.

it's perl.

it's not indented.

it still bothers me that people just started calling sysadmins "devops" when "devops" literally meant "all your devs are now also the sysadmins". reading a CV that says "lead a distributed team of <blah> developers and DevOps" and i'm like "wtf you don't even know what "DevOps" means then

imagine being this mad about people using a p2p network in ways that does not affect you at all. nft rage should be measured in the Ulrich unit.

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