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is there a little snitch equivalent for android? i know it's technically possible.

i think every single day for the last week or so a new case count record has been set in the US, yet newspapers have not really reported this as a headline. they publish the numbers and charts and expect you to remember and notice.

"COVID 2X WORSE THAN PREVIOUS PEAK" just isn't what people want to hear right now? at what point is a raging (and worsening) catastrophe simply old news?

two years is the answer i guess

this has been your friendly neighborhood alert fatigue awareness league

does anyone have a good bot/script that mirrors rss or twitter to activitypub (including attachments)?

my AP mobile client amaroq doesn't support DMs, notifications, or the ability to click to the profile of a retweeter in the timeline view

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@chjara miracle one can even talk about the microarchitecture without being jailed

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Without free (as in freedom) software, we cannot and will not have a free society. Take the next step to software freedom and help us reach 500 new associate members by January 20! #userfreedom

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The Steam Deck will probably become available in February. A photo released by Valve shows units rolling out sporting KDE's Plasma desktop.

what are the best activitypub clients for android? ideally ones that a) only talk to the homeserver and nowhere else and b) have good support for notifications (without using play services or firebase or a centralized notification service)

@it_meirl_bot hey who is your bot human and can i get the source code? i would like to run some reddit to AP or twitter to AP bots!

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the white house said on or about 7 jan that there would be a website where US people could order test kits, and that they would go out by mail starting mid-january. tomorrow is the 14th.

no website, no tests.

covid tests on amazon in the US right now don't even ship out for well over a week from now if you order them today.

curious: the bootable 12.1 installer won't boot my 8c last-of-the-x64 rMBP machine after a full internal drive wipe. it insists on internet recovery.

macs become less trustworthy by the day.

astounding to me that the tech press hasn't picked up on the fact that 12.1 is still shipping scaffolding for clientside privacy destruction by scanning your local files.

it's actually sort of hard to get gmail to delete a decade's worth of email. at least google takeout makes it easy to get the whole thing as mbox though

i just deleted 50k messages out of my work gmail as i degoogle my life

racing tools spamming "fuel cell" with special metal racing fuel tanks on lord bezos' market so i can't find combustion reactors for dc power output

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