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"For the most part, the control these companies — Slack, Zoom, Google, Apple, the social media giants — exert on our online communications feels relatively passive. Sure, there are ads on most of these platforms and a rabid harvesting of our personal data, but Americans have largely blocked out that reality. A life without apps, it turns out, is lonely and inconvenient."

according to the nytimes, 76% of americans think facebook makes society worse.

70% of americans have facebook accounts.

i have a brother label printer but i always buy knockoff tape carts because the design of the printer as well as the firmware features is explicitly trying to get you to use up 2x as much tape as is strictly necessary. huge margins, resets margins to huge on format clear, et c. fuck their dark pattern bullshit. i hate waste.

imagine loving running a torture center so hard that you actively work against people who might undermine you and introduce human rights protections.

this has happened to me at least five times in my life. it's really frustrating because i assume my level of social trust with someone is connected to our friendship, not my provision of dick

it's a real bummer when someone is nice to me because they are pairbonded because we are regularly fucking, then if we don't fuck for a year the pairbond goes away and suddenly the existing level of trust is downgraded even though nothing changed (except the pairbond expiring). i wish people were more in the habit of assuming good faith by default, or at least continuing with their previous value even when we're not fucking. i don't think people consciously realize the shift, either.

i see a lot of horrible shit on activitypub. i block or mute people every day. i wish there were better tools i could opt in to (like adblock hosts files) by URL or something that made the process easier.

you know what i have never wished for? that they couldn't say these things, or that other people who aren't me shouldn't be able to read them.

is there a little snitch equivalent for android? i know it's technically possible.

i think every single day for the last week or so a new case count record has been set in the US, yet newspapers have not really reported this as a headline. they publish the numbers and charts and expect you to remember and notice.

"COVID 2X WORSE THAN PREVIOUS PEAK" just isn't what people want to hear right now? at what point is a raging (and worsening) catastrophe simply old news?

two years is the answer i guess

this has been your friendly neighborhood alert fatigue awareness league

does anyone have a good bot/script that mirrors rss or twitter to activitypub (including attachments)?

my AP mobile client amaroq doesn't support DMs, notifications, or the ability to click to the profile of a retweeter in the timeline view

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@chjara miracle one can even talk about the microarchitecture without being jailed

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Without free (as in freedom) software, we cannot and will not have a free society. Take the next step to software freedom and help us reach 500 new associate members by January 20! #userfreedom

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The Steam Deck will probably become available in February. A photo released by Valve shows units rolling out sporting KDE's Plasma desktop.

what are the best activitypub clients for android? ideally ones that a) only talk to the homeserver and nowhere else and b) have good support for notifications (without using play services or firebase or a centralized notification service)

@it_meirl_bot hey who is your bot human and can i get the source code? i would like to run some reddit to AP or twitter to AP bots!

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