@Madmonkey you dont need a license to carry a uterus

@sneak the biggest part of USA States does not require a licence to carry concealed handgun, AFAIK 😉

@petersanchez @Madmonkey and in many states you do. and in those states you do not need a license for a uterus. my point stands

@sneak @petersanchez is just a weak point: regulation isn't only about license, you know; btw is a joke… maybe. Maybe.

@sneak Pretty sure you can buy a rifle in any state at 18 without a license. So how far up the technicality ladder to you want to go?
@sneak OK, 48 out of 50 states. More states than allows abortions.
@sneak I see you consider a 3 hour safety course a license. If that's the case, OK. 7 states require licensing for a rifle.

Still less states than those with abortion outlawed.

Also, in the US "health class" is a requirement to exit middle school and sometimes high school. So women go through more safety training on their bodies than gun owners do.

@petersanchez most people lecturing me on the gun laws and regulation in the US have never tried to buy a gun in the US, successfully or unsuccessfully. i've done both, multiple times.

@sneak I've legally purchased guns. I also know in most states nothing is required to buy a rifle. Many states have free open carry. Many others can buy hand guns with no check what-so-ever in the private market. I lived in New Mexico for years, it's literally the wild west there.

@petersanchez your second statement is false. it's federal law that you must be resident in the same state as the federal dealer to purchase a rifle. if you are not resident in a state, you cannot buy a rifle.

@sneak So nothing is required if you're a resident of said state, which is most of them. Got it.

You also said:

you dont need a license to carry a uterus

Implying you need a license to carry a gun which is flat out false in the majority of US states.

@petersanchez "nothing is required if you meet the requirements" is not a useful statement

@sneak As most people meet the requirement I think it's a valid counter to your claim you need a license to carry a gun, which as I've already shown isn't true.

@petersanchez try reading the things i wrote and not meaninglessly trying to interpret them into things i never said.


OP: My [uterus] is more regulated than [gun]

Sneak: not really

OP: Please explain

Sneak: you dont need a license to carry a uterus

Yea, I'm just a dumb American who totally misinterpreted what you said. I've already proven [my interpretation] of what your words mean to be wrong, so please explain to me what those words actually mean. Like I'm a 5 year old. Thanks.

@petersanchez exiting high school is also not required, as a point of fact


requirement to exit middle school and sometimes high school

I never said exiting high school is required. Most states it is illegal to not complete middle school and health ed is part of that completion. My point stands.

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