signal desktop on macOS should really have an option to launch on startup, have no app icon in dock, and simply be a menubar item.

the new yorker's double vowel umlaut thing (accurately called a diaeresis and not an umlaut) is perhaps the best specimen of an affectation ("artificial and designed to impress") that i can possibly think of.

Why don't all USB keyboards have a 2 port hub in them like the Das Keyboard and Apple USB keyboards?!

make sure you still give money to the ACLU despite their willful apathy toward 2A, they do important shit:

power supplies should connect to the main board with a data pin as well and report voltage, current draw, frequency, and internal temperature so it can be exposed via i2c like everything else on the board. i shouldn’t need to buy a kill-a-watt to see this data.

it is a special kind of father/god/state worship and doublethink to believe that murder is absolutely wrong and to simultaneously think that the solution to murderers is to have someone murder them while wearing special clothes.

it's super lame to list internet-based events in just one timezone (unless it's UTC), or, worse yet, without a clear timezone (assuming PDT or EST).

imagine the US response if non-US officials kidnapped 120 american kids and put them in prisons without their parents.

when searching for “n95 mask” on amazon, the entire first few screenfuls are masks that are not n95.

the united states is an endless scam

UGH DO NOTTTTTT draw touch targets on screen then immediately animate them elsewhere and put SOME OTHER BUTTON where the first one was. my finger is already moving you slow motion dipshit app developers

i'm really sad about the github redesign.

apple's product designers are boring white and white-adjacent people who have no meaningful culture other than bicycles, yoga, and tartine bakery and it's lame as hell. the new phone OS is going to start reminding you to go to bed on time.

the rich white lady is telling us about hip hop on the apple live commercial

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so apparently the cops have been bullying people in the city centre so they flipped their shit and beat up a dozen cops

TIL using ashift=12 reduces your usable zfs array size by as much as 5%

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> On Thursday, the Christopher Columbus statue at San Francisco’s Coit Tower was removed by the city after protesters threatened to take it down and throw it into the Bay.

That's pretty awesome.

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