whoever is running the cdc's social media right now is doing a total shit job. i subscribed to their youtube channel with alerts, and wow are they squandering their subscribers' time and attention spans right now.

organizations should have codified and quantified prioritization plans in place for social media queues during various types of events. low-priority things should be ceased or delayed during special circumstances.

how do i disable the mastodon rate limits? my PaaS app requires that docker be in swarm mode which invokes the idiotic userspace proxy which means all requests are coming in from the same 1918 IP and breaking the rate limiting

the nytimes frontpage is available for free personal use as a pdf at
(replace yyyy mm dd as appropriate)


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you bet your ass. you gamble your tits. you wage your dick. you stake your clit. you pledge your balls. you

TIL that people on the largest mastodon instance cannot follow me

heh livejournal.com blog and profile pages go into an endless reload loop if cookies are disabled.

TIL that the soyuz platform is the most commonly used orbital rocket in human history

there's flour available on ebay but after closing my paypal account (which was already delinked from ebay) it gives unspecified errors whenever i try to buy with my card. if i generate a new card number it works for a couple tx then starts failing. what other markets that aren't paypal shills are available? amazon.com is useless here and i don't like buying from them anyway.

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Flour mills working 'round the clock' to meet demand

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ebay shows "guaranteed delivery" dates in the past for items that haven't even shipped. guaranteed by whom? they've just blown all of their credibility. why are there no more consequences these days for lying?

the word "datums" makes me go hnngggggggggg

yet another gui toolkit for making cluttered inscrutable settings panels that nobody who isn't a nerd understands

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