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"if only we could get the scoundrels out and get the right, good people into government, the world will be better off" is the equivalent of "if we only hire smart people, don't use strcpy, and are really careful then we will be able to write programs in c without memory corruption bugs and exploits!"

nice dream but how many times over how many decades must you bloody your head on that wall before you learn?

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by logging in to you agree via their clickwrap never to link to anything on except the home page:

tmobile would give me a 28% monthly discount if i killed people overseas for a living.

i will pay $100 for an authentic instance of rms' now-infamous "pleasure card". go get me one.

periodic reminder that YYYY-MM-DD is the only acceptable way to write dates

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the earth on the whole is getting much, much better, the western industrialized world (where i spend 100% of my time) is getting much worse.

cancelling a *month to month* sim in germany, out of contract, requires that you cancel the line on the web, then *call* during *business hours*, *within 10 days*, to actually cancel - the thing you do on the web is only a 'notice of cancellation'.

the mobile carriers in germany are pigfuckers.

as usual in the US, the people committing mass murder aren't going to jail, but the guy who exposed the mass murder system is:

ugh amaroq doesn't linkify the retweeter's name so i can't go and click them and unfollow the idiot jackass retweeting "it's just the flu, bro" content into my feed.

this is as bad as twitter

the thing that bothers me about executive fiat lawmaking is not so much the rules being dictated (such as the president making my wrist braces suddenly illegal, despite congress passing no law related to it, and wouldn't). it's the fact that to make law like that, you have to fundamentally disrespect the concept of the rule of law. you have to become a dictator.

biden is such a terrible piece of shit. :(

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signal is going to have to make their client nonfree if they want to prevent people from connecting to their service with modified ones.

ITT: people who think Signal isn't already used constantly for sending cryptocurrency addresses around

i'm surprised that people are surprised that an extremely effective and famous cypherpunk is behaving in cypherpunk ways (specifically using cryptography and privacy to bypass legacy state prerogatives). schneier should know better.

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