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Oh, this is juicy. There's a SSH bug in some recent version where you must restart sshd after upgrading or it'll refuse new connections. That's a fun way to lose a server

The NSA released the crypt32.dll ECC validation failure 0day to attempt to regain trust from the security community.

They refused to say how long they have known about it.

My theory is that, due to the power of this bug, they would have sat on this only until they detected an independent discovery, and then burned it. They would never burn such a thing if it were their only one, or if it were still believed to be entirely unknown by anyone else. It’s far too valuable an offensive tool.

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TIL it is russian custom to simply write “)” at the end of a message instead of “:)”

every time i log into my mastodon instance, i have a lack of new posts in my feed. could anyone recommend good users to follow? discovery is really an issue here.

idea: a web service that you put in your phone number and apple id email and the backend asks apple servers for your imessage pubkeys once per day (as if to imessage you) and emails you every time there is a diff, to detect wiretaps (sending clients don't show key list changes)

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I am working on a project to name and shame developers of open source software who embed spyware in their releases. Of course we can fork, but I think it's wasteful, and if we can pressure people to stop violating the consent of their users, it will be more efficient. Who wants to help? Please contact me at

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reminder: the only way you can have “rights to” or a “license for” information is with state violence. remove the violence and you either simply have or do not have information.

common theme seems to be people implying that i am doing something wrong by posting my own thoughts on my own server. “get out of here”, indeed

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A large chunk of the Fediverse was scraped; your posts are being “released” 

it seems i have been living in a bubble; violent threats are not allowed on most mainstream social networks, and seeing it so often in the fediverse really bums me out.

there are a lot more rude people on the fediverse than on twitter, i find. :/

@aphyr i am sad you are in birdsite gaol but also i am glad you are here. here is some janky code i hacked together recently that does useful things with toots:

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