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🐸🔥 #DDoSecrets group says the 70 GB worth of #Gab data includes 70,000 messages, over 19,000 chats with over 15,000 users in plaintext format, and much more.

#Security #Hacking #Anonymous #Farright #Breach

amazon knows they collected my money for an order and they know that the order was never delivered, yet they make it a phone call (or app install) to get a refund. such utter dark pattern bullshit

i think someone should tell the coinbase ceo that cosplaying the stonks man isn't really acceptable behavior for a ceo of a publicly traded company

Why does Signal require a CLA? The code is already AGPL, why is a rights assignment needed? (The Linux kernel, for example, does not require a CLA.)

The libsignal-client-node js module that signal desktop uses includes a precompiled node binary in the repo for some reason...

not sketchy at all

the number of dependencies in the signal desktop app package.json is terrifying to me

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Another man got killed because a blue pig kept a knee on his neck for 5 minutes.

The pigs had come, supposedly, to help him because he was freaking out. If Antioch, California, had defunded the "police", 9-1-1 would have sent paratherapists instead of pigs, and they would have talked him down with no loss of life.

Fuck the police. #acab

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why i hate the macos ecosystem in one short example:

the utility for enabling TRIM support on external usb disks is third party paid software, with a demo.

this should be like 10 lines of c published in plain text somewhere

I wonder how many GMX staff members have tried to read the inbox/logs of I also wonder about nation-state intel agencies attempting same.

just signed a contract and almost dated it 2019

apple has some serious dark patterns around the options to downgrade your monthly payments for icloud storage amounts. shady as fuck, they are.

this whole "moxie doesn't let signal forks talk to signal servers" is nonsense. signal is GPL, you are allowed to fork it and you are allowed to distribute a fork that connects to if moxie has a problem with signal users talking to (using forked clients), that's a ToS issue, not anything to do with the GPL Signal application, which can have any URLs you want in it.

i think that if i never see another picture of antelope canyon ever i'm probably good

i suppose enough are vaccinated now (but not really) that it's uncouth to wish that everyone on a flight from denver to hawaii in the middle of a pandemic (that has killed millions of people and continues to kill thousands per day) had exploded and crashed on engine failure instead of landing safely


afaict not a single US bank supports u2f

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