been ignoring sony's silly warning "A corresponding environment is required for playback of movies recorded in XAVC HS 4:2:2 10bit.", but it turns out that the free version of resolve won't even recognize them as video files.

periodic reminder:

craig wright is a fraud, a liar, not satoshi, and a bully to boot:

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my main hobby is hoarding videogames i don't actually have the attention span to play and modding consoles to run games i don't actually have the attention span to play

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@tobi That works! I think they blocked specifically

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Whoa, Twitter doesn't let me tweet direct links to a Matrix chat room!

I tried 3 times on the phone and it failed silently, and the web client gave me this message at the bottom of the image.

Someone's campaining against FOSS social network alternatives.

nobody has the davinci resolve studio usb dongle in stock, required for editing 10bit h265 (the free version won't do it). ugh

netlimiter 4 pro is a reasonable lulu/little snitch substitute on windows. you have to go in and change the blocker policy to 'ask' for it to do the popups though, it took me a few minutes to figure it out.

ha! if you uninstall all of the microsoft store crap from win10, and use powershell to install the WSL ubuntu20.04 .appx bundle, the windows licensing manager service will attempt to connect to microsoft when you launch it. if you block the connection, it won't run.

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#Signal is catching up to the features that users love on WhatsApp, Telegram and LINE.

lol this instance is blocked on for being "kiwifarms adjacent"

what does that even mean?

why am i getting a bunch of annoying and useless reply guys from kiwifarms today? did they link me or something?

of course npm keeps its cache under .npm instead of .cache

the fact that win10 actually refuses to let you shut off the computer *right now* without installing the updates first is perhaps one of the most user-hostile and consent-violating things i've ever seen in software. instead i hard power off, potentially corrupting the filesystem. fuck yourself, microsoft, and i hope i never learn the names of the devs who implemented this malware.

i wish to hire a contract sysadmin to help me deploy and maintain my infrastructure. part time, project-to-project.

if you are experienced with unix, only use key based ssh/mosh auth, like documenting things, are fluent with git, and are okay using a separate dedicated machine i provide, please inquire to with your cv/relevant experience and rates.

we have a standard network discovery (beacon packets) for wifi, why not for wired lans?

i really really really wish we had something standard like CDP for the whole industry, so that an ethernet card can tell me what the name and port number and vlan of the managed switch its connected to is. the fact that we can send a gigabyte per second through the port (yes i have a 10gbit lan don't @ me) but don't know which fucking port it's plugged in to without crawling on the floor and tracing cables is.... insane

can i just give a shoutout to VLC for asking on first launch if it's okay to connect to the network to check for updates, and if it's okay to connect to the network to download media metadata? this is polite, consensual, awesome software.

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