i want a way of automatically syncing noscript/ublock origin/cookie autodelete settings between my instances of ungoogled-chromium.

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I'd appreciate a little more warning to get my life in order, Apple.

instead of being at the part of human development where i am trying to become 5kg smaller, i would prefer to be at the part of human development where a healthy size for people is no less than a radius of 2 to 3 AU

i named my m1 macbook air tracer because it is small fast and gay

it doesn't help my overall feelings about the future of apple or the macos that the default desktop background in 11.x is sofa king ugly

also you should be able to publish bigoted things as a publisher without your staff going galaxy brain and thinking it is an endorsement. are those who publish mein kampf or host shockley videos subject to employee walkouts too? broadcast is not uncritical endorsement, fools

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"maintaining a culture of trust and transparency is core to our company,” a #Netflix spokesperson told the Guardian, as explanation for why they fired a trans employee who allegedly leaked internal documents to the press. 🙃 theguardian.com/media/2021/oct

if what i am told about the chappelle special is true (that it is edgy but not explicitly anti-trans) then i hope netflix fires those that walk out. i haven't seen the special though, so if it is indeed bigoted then fair play, but i have read that this is sjw overreaction to a famous person having edgy-but-unbigoted opinions on $UNTOUCHABLE_TOPIC. i am curious to actually see if chappelle is a dickhead, though, and will pirate the show sometime.

i have developed a fascination with metals for some reason? i have a whole closet full of crushed cans i need to melt, tungsten cubes, spheres, and coins and bars. send help (or palladium)

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four new pens type A and B have arrived from cwandt. wait until the tungsten crypto bros find out about these

one of the best five ads apple ever did. ipad pro 1, portugal. the man, and berlin all featured prominently. i sometimes wonder if this ad is why that song charted, because this used it before it blew up.


friends dont link friends to reddit without using old.reddit.com

upgrade from the cloud key g1 and the usg to the udm-pro was surprisingly smooth. the usg-pro is so much faster than the g1 cloud key it's not even funny.

holy shit i have native ipv6 on my residential cable connection

my 13" xps that cost under $4k has a much higher screen dpi than the $6500 16" m1max apple laptop i ordered today. :(

it's a shame apple's software division isn't anywhere near as good as apple's hardware division.


perhaps the biggest surprise beyond the fact that the udm-pro comes with docker preinstalled (and uses it to run the whole unifi controller thing) is that it also has jq and iptraf-ng preinstalled too.

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