Coinbase is now working with ICE.

Good thing you can't talk politics at work there!

how many times is linux going to change where the dns server IPs go?

for some reason my golang apps dns is still broken in containers, but everything else works fine. what the fuck golang

ugh tried updating my system by holding back the package and updating everything else, somehow broke dns inside my containers, which then upgrading and restarting the daemon (which kills ALL my dozens of containers and restarts them) didn't fix it.

offer: i run a mattermost server (which has a mobile app that does notifications) which i can create arbitrary private channels on, which can receive webhooks. i also run a statping instance on the same server. if you'd like some free offsite service monitoring, i'm happy to set up some icmp or http checks for you and hook them up to a private channel (so you get mobile notifications). inquire via email.

i knew years ago that things like slack and discord would be the killer apps of the internet, and didn't build them because i find implementation and product details to be relatively boring.

in particular, i'm super duper surprised that apple has opted to use slack internally. it's caused no end to problems for their management, it sounds like, and also not being e2e seems like a real secrecy/privacy/security nightmare for their internal security teams.

considering how much sensitive shit people do on slack, it's surprising the amount of 3p js that is loaded on's main page. (it's much less on the <subdomain> actual app sites.)

I'd like to start publishing some of my photography. I use Lightroom to edit raws and export to high resolution 20-40MB JPEGs. What's the easiest way for me to share them with the world? Paid services are ok.

i'd like to hire a junior golang developer to make some simple webapps on a contract (remote, of course) basis. please email me, or have anyone interested email me.

hey google why don't you add a 301 for /voice to instead of just 404ing? every fucking time i have to remember

Is there a machine-readable database of the SCPs, or perhaps an API? I have an idea.

For reference, Apple leaked ~21,000 user accounts of data to the USG in the first half of 2020 without search warrants/probable cause via FISA (aka PRISM, aka FAA702) orders.

TIL Apple had a Section 215 not-a-warrant warrant canary in early 2013, which of course had to be removed from the same reports later in 2013 and onward as it was no longer true.

if your cryptocurrency project is primarily centered around discord, telegram, or google docs, (or github for that matter) you've already failed to learn why cryptocurrencies exist and probably won't matter in the long run.

bitcoin runs on irc and a mailing list, just like linux.

neat reading, and while i don't subscribe to the sars-cov-2 lab leak theory, it's interesting that the 1977 flu has a lot of the same circumstantial clues around it.

Discord's meteoric rise continues, with even more people jumping on the bandwagon. It's a very bad thing, as Discord is likely going to sell your entire DM history, in plaintext, to their acquirer in a deal for cash and stock in the next 24-36 months.

It's not e2e encrypted. Everything you've ever typed into Discord in a DM is about to become readable to Microsoft or whoever else buys them, tied to your email and phone number and payment card.

i am really bored with the non-programming internet, and i don't have the attention span this quarter to do a lot of programming, and i won't play in the corporate censorship social pool (thereby making it more valuable/attracting others) so please link me to your favorite places on the internet to interact with strangers.

forums, clubs, communities - i miss them, and i know we're still all here, but i won't use twitter or discord or instagram or facebook or youtube.

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