the minimum bar for live sets is now set: you have to be more entertaining than the acid randomizer:

what is the ERC20 equivalent of VFIAX?

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I have now seen two people post about how its Bicycle Day. Is that because they have calendars? How do people know these things? I don't even remember what day it is most of the time.

> On April 29, 1992, the seventh day of jury deliberations, the jury acquitted all four officers of assault and acquitted three of the four of using excessive force. The jury could not agree on a verdict for the fourth officer charged with using excessive force.

fred wilson personally took 1.8bn usd out of coinbase last week, along with another 1.8bn for his fund, if i'm reading this image correctly.

in 2020 you were twice as likely to get killed by a cop in the usa than killed in a mass shooting.

somehow the president is asking the congress to legislate the latter.

it's so obvious the point at which minecraft mobs stopped being designed by a homophobic antisocial swede and started being designed by corporate droids in seattle

i didn't realize until just now that the power mac g4 cube totally fucking cheated by having the AC/DC PSU external, as a giant brick half of the volume of the whole cube that you're supposed to hide under your desk

it's easier to buy the classic 128k mac on ebay these days than it is to buy a powermac 8600/9600.

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@welt tfw "phablets" are now just normal-sized phones
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wow, it's crazy to me that it's been long enough now that there are zero power mac 9600s on ebay right now.

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Having received the Covid vaccine, I wake to find myself transformed into a monstrous microchip. As I lie here unable to move from my bed, staring up at my giant pins as they twitch in the air, I contemplate whether I will ever be able to return to my job as a software engineer.

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Surface Laptop 4 powered by Quad Core 11th Gen Intel® Core™: Intel® Iris® Xe  Graphics

Surface Laptop 4 powered by AMD Ryzen™ Microsoft Surface® Edition: AMD Radeon™ Graphics

Imagine calling up the sales number and asking, word for word, which of those options is better.

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reading: Statement of FSF board on election of Richard Stallman (so you don't have to) 

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Today I got to blow a child's mind

my 10-year-old (Z): papa, how come you're always right?*

Me: because everything I say is true, except this sentence which is false

*15 seconds go by*

Z: wait. What?! That's illegal!

* this is a running joke that is made every time I'm wrong about something

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