boeing can not and will not go out of business. the farce that they are not just an organ of the US military willl have to be dropped somewhat, however.

we should have an XDA standard extension that specifies a path for downloaded ML models that multiple ML apps need access to so they don't each redownload them.

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I love tech, but tech is unapproachable and inhumane 

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You open up a Commodore 64, and the box says "welcome to the world of friendly computing."

You turn on a modern PC, and it immediately threatens your data unless you agree to save your data to *their* cloud service.

That right there is why we talk about vintage computers. Folks need to be reminded of what's possible.

#Commodore64 #VintageComputing

it is only a matter of time before there are major motion pictures made by indie teams or even single people without the use of a camera.

some of these will go viral and will be insanely popular.

hollywood's capital-gated private club of big budget/costly production is about to be broken. within a few years $1000-5000 in compute rental will allow people to seriously compete with a multimilliondollar production.

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btw yubikey 4s cannot do fido2/webauthn. they can only do u2f. most sites that migrated from u2f to fido2/webauthn did not maintain an upgrade path for users, so i got locked out of several accounts because i used mandatory fido(1)/u2f. now the websites support webauthn/fido2 only and i can't login with my yubikey 4s.

i've now ordered 3x yk5c-nano and 1x yk5c-nfc. time to do the key rotation dance.

chatgpt assumes all golang import paths will be on github, even when i've put in its memory that i don't use github and don't want the word "github" in my code

nevermind, yubikey 5s with firmware version 5.7 or greater can hold 100 passkeys now.

it really sucks that webauthn/passkeys decided to go stateful-token instead of the amazing design that was "server-held key pair, encrypted to usb device hardware key" that was the original u2f. this means that yubikey 5s can only hold 25 passkeys. i will hit this limit, i think.

can we stop and admire what a miracle it is from a regulatory standpoint that apple got to make and sell a phone that has *no letters or numbers or symbols on it* when it is powered off?

such an insanely great achievement

it would be nice if i could at least review my chatgpt history even if the bot is down. i feel like running a webpage that lets me read my files stored on a server is within the capabilities of OAI.

chatgpt is broken and now i can't work

FYI steals your code when you use their service:

8.2 Limited License Grant to CodeGPT. By Posting User Content to or via the Service, you grant CodeGPT a worldwide, non-exclusive, royalty-free, fully paid right and license (with the right to sublicense through multiple tiers) to host, store, transfer, publicly display, publicly perform (including by means of a digital audio transmission), communicate to the public, reproduce, modify for the purpose of formatting for display....

the extent to which the domain (and, to a similar extent, is trusted blindly within software is troubling. anyone who controls can own your machine. same for why do you allow this?

apple’s in-store cisco censorship internet proxy blocks where i host my photos. i think this is unreasonable.

apple doesn’t stock any of their max ram versions of their new products at low-tier retail mall stores, and still sell 8gb ram machines. the only cool looking cases in the store aren’t made by apple. there are too many ipads and too many iphones. the same thing happened to their product lines the first time steve left, too.

we don’t really talk about how covid tests are $1 in europe in quantity (at retail! quantity being 20, not 1000) and still $13-15 in the usa. this was the case during the main part of the pandemic. it was avoidable and preventable and thousands of people died because the FDA protects the profits of abbott laboratories. it is one of the biggest examples of criminal corruption in american history, with thousands of deaths sacrificed to corporate profits.

sometime when the whole web updated to WebAuthn, it broke all my FIDO2 logins and now I have to reenroll all my security keys. what a pain in the dick

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