wow, the unsubscribe link in the latest linkedin spam is just a span colored blue with an underline, it's not even a link. that's maybe the shadiest shit i've ever seen.

pro: they censor furries
con: they censor you

pro: they don't censor you
con: they don't censor furries

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i don't understand spot instance bidding. if i'm paying less than my max bid, why would it tell me there's no more capacity in a region if the current spot price isn't >= my max bid?

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lewd joke 

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Mark your calendars - The Librem 15 Flash Sale starts November 25th! Save $300 on your new desktop replacement!

Ultra-portable workstation laptop that was designed chip-by-chip, line-by-line, to respect your rights to privacy, security, and freedom.

#privacy #freedom #security

on macOS, clicking an* link opens in the spyware News app, bypassing your default browser selection.

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>China's National Radio and Television Administration issues new streaming guidelines concerning superchats and e-commerce

there's some... odd stuff in here

it's a bummer that the best phone hardware now has an os and services model geared toward the ultimate normie. all of the app store recs look like a casino: bright and colorful and shouty and massmarket.

i wonder if apple traffic bypasses vpns on mobile too. we'll know soon when my replacement travel router gets here.

apple watch does not require an opt in before storing fitness (steps and standing log, active minutes) or heart rate history data.

how do i disable the synchronization between the chrome browser login state and the browser cookie jar login state? i'd like to stay signed in to one account for chrome bookmarks/extension sync, and use another different account in the browser itself.

the apple watch prompts you to raise your wrist to activate siri automatically even when you have opted out of siri. (it doesn't enable siri, it just tries to tell you to use a feature you already disabled during setup.)

apple really, really wants you to send them packets.

fun fact: you cannot use apple pay at all without an icloud account, even if you don’t want sync or anything - you have to enable icloud just to do NFC payments.

signing in to the app store, required to download *any* app to an iphone (even free ones), requires an apple id. an apple id requires a phone number, so even putting signal on your iphone means deanonymization.

the prompt to enable a new apple id for app store use warns that logging in will enable icloud backup. this prompt occurs even if icloud has been opted out previously.

enabling an apple id for the app store demands a street address.

You can't create an Apple ID without a phone number. Phone numbers in the USA and other countries are tied to all sorts of PII, and most require ID to get.

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reminder that the british literally have a holiday about that time some guy tried to blow up parliament.

current theory is that nickmqb might be a 10x

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