the world in the apple macOS timezone picker doesn't have the great lakes on it

hotel wifi in a building in a big city with an internet exchange that is one fifth the speed of starlink in the most remote corner of montana.

what the fuck is wrong with people

after spending so long in my cave, i forgot the terrible state of infrastructure in north america. this airport wifi is 1mbps. it's 2021.

i might as well go hang out in the third world, at least it's cheap.

i have a travel vpn router which will use lte or wifi backhaul, and nat and does vpn client. i need a third portable device (not a mac or iphone) that can run js to connect to it, disable vpn kill switch, and hit the accept button on captive portals upstream, then re-enable vpn kill switch.

privacy shouldn't be this difficult and inconvenient.

it truly is the future, i'm archiving files with tar|zstd|age instead of tar|gz|gnupg. who would have though

got used to apple's not-laptop-speakers-in-laptops-anymore paradigm shift. the xps still has laptop speakers, so it's sort of obscene how not-a-comparison it is between the xps and the mbair/mbpro.

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"blocked for esperanto" is the most ridiculous thing I've ever seen, it's impressive how they always find a way to lower the bar

you can't seem to buy an IS flag on ebay or amazon.

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sometimes i wonder about the epic hax that went down because of heartbleed that we will never, ever hear about

nextcloud on the same machine as the mailserver or on a different one

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Matching plate carriers is relationship goals

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i am breaking rfc2487 by requiring STARTTLS for all mail on a public mailserver.

fastmail puts your sending end-user client IP in the outbound email header if you send email via their submission port (smtp). this is a data leak. :(

setting up a mailserver is a royal pain in the dick

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