@unclechu @raboof yes that is precisely what i do now, and what this thread is about. it's also possible to add system packages without touching configuration.nix via `nix-env -i <pkg>` which then causes overlaps with the packages in configuration.nix, requiring an uninstall `nix-env --uninstall <pkg>` before `nixos-rebuild switch` will work.

@unclechu @raboof i'm glad that you know in advance all of the packages you want installed on your system. i do not.

My PaaS I use to run containers uses docker swarm, which uses a userspace L3 connection proxy (even though only one box), which means my main nginx rproxy/tls endpoint doesn't see client IP, which means mastodon's rate limiting (which has no off switch) breaks constantly.

so now i might have to rent a vps just to run mastodon. or switch to pleroma.

@unclechu @raboof which, incidentally, still lets you set yourself up for file collisions via `nix-env -i <pkg>` instead of requiring that they be in configuration.nix

cant even escape the stupid culture war complaining in the latest billy gibson novel. ugh.

I've finally decided that Twitter's censorship has gone too far, and I'm deleting my account on Halloween. Wish me luck.

(They used to just censor what you're allowed to post, but now they're censoring search results too, deciding for you what you're allowed to read. Fuck that.)

linux OSes should not let you install packages via the command line; you should be required to add them to a syntax-checked file and then run a command to ensure system installed packages match the file.

yo @ddevault i think that stupid commons clause non-oss license that n8n uses (that prohibits selling of the "Software") doesn't cover derivative works, so you could edit one file and then run it as a SaaS. i'm not a lawyer but that's how it reads as english. ps fuck that fake open source guy

@bigl0af the enemy when the time comes won’t be rioting mobs of civs, it will be cops and dhs troops.

@alex i have “you’re an idiot” from Brendan Eich (former mozilla CEO who got forced out for being a bigot, and creator of javascript) on my linkedin under certifications

@mike that's a lot of weasel words. i said "any use", not "unskilled carpenters"

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Speaking at an Aug. 25 news conference in Pittsburgh, they said they had found the names of an additional 10,000 state prison inmates on Pennsylvania’s unemployment rolls. But they said they were still investigating whether those people were aware that jobless claims had been filed on their behalf.

This seems like the kind of thing where you'd work to build a system resistant to this kind of fraud instead of diffing spreadsheets after the fact.


@mike seems like we're in agreement that any use of PHP is a terrible technical decision, then.

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