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"if only we could get the scoundrels out and get the right, good people into government, the world will be better off" is the equivalent of "if we only hire smart people, don't use strcpy, and are really careful then we will be able to write programs in c without memory corruption bugs and exploits!"

nice dream but how many times over how many decades must you bloody your head on that wall before you learn?

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by logging in to you agree via their clickwrap never to link to anything on except the home page:

@wowaname @arh everyone *is* the judge and jury of who they personally associate with. that's how society works.

tmobile would give me a 28% monthly discount if i killed people overseas for a living.

@joerebelloharley you can't rape or murder someone using a webpage, so i'm not really sure what they're claiming the problem is

@arh once again, "harassment" and "sexual harassment" are different things, and the stories are a) direct reports, and b) describe sexual harassment by rms.

i will pay $100 for an authentic instance of rms' now-infamous "pleasure card". go get me one.

@arh you're free to ignore the numerous direct reports from women if you like. an ayn rand quote comes to mind: you can ignore reality, but you cannot ignore the consequences of ignoring reality.

periodic reminder that YYYY-MM-DD is the only acceptable way to write dates

@arh i didn't say "harassment", i said "sexual harassment", which does have a specific meaning and which is a thing that rms has consistently and repeatedly engaged in.

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the earth on the whole is getting much, much better, the western industrialized world (where i spend 100% of my time) is getting much worse.

@aphyr what's better about other ones? i don't use js clients generally, so i'm curious.

@arh a pattern of unwanted sexual harassment is a disqualifier for any leader in any organization that wants to be taken seriously.

the things you cite are symptoms of rms' longstanding pattern of inappropriate and alienating and unacceptable behavior. it's not about the mattress or the pickup lines, it's about the overarching context that those things imply: rms will sexualize the workplace, which professionals have decided is inappropriate and unreasonable.

@be @rysiek @ted @gytis @h3artbl33d @PINE64

most upstreams that get forked in open source are hostile and/or unreasonable. that's why people fork them.

upstream being hostile to forks is not a signal thing. fork away.

@abouix both parties in the US complain the opposition is unfair, and use tyrant tactics. your making it a partisan claim says more about you than them.

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