does anyone know why hpn-ssh hasn't been upstreamed

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New to 1.17! Microsoft can now lock you out from multiplayer if you use a Microsoft account. The message is even translated! @nosleep @graf

both etrade and american express send click tracking links via email that are http://, which makes them trivially redirectable to phishing sites.

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gonna upgrade both primary systems to big sur this weekend. wish me luck

i need a manifest file format that can describe a list of files, metadata, and relative paths to the manifest in a structured format, ideally with golang/js libraries to read/write it. please advise?

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larry fishburne was othello in 1995 and somehow i missed it? can't wait to watch this.

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@otso thanks for explaining how to use social media

@Fellmoon i've run into problems with .properties, .email, .lol, and others.

so many web apps and email systems can't deal with the new TLDs.

shoutout to for having their frontpage and block explorer both work fine without javascript.

while you're out here raving without a mask, remember also that more people have died of covid in 2021 than in all of 2020:

@otso censored sites like twitter/instagram/etc are really bad.

endless nazis and furries in my TL are only slightly less bad

hell is other people

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