he's rolling back all of the previous administration's policies except the one where they stopped publishing how many civilians they kill with drones

not a single iota of the fact that america remains a dying empire is affected in any way whatsoever by the fact that the figurehead for the corporate ownership of the USA has changed, nor will the death throes of said empire in its twilight be any less destructive, violent, or severe.

@mikael you're right! i didn't realize they had a macOS version; this is the one i use on windows and it's good.

afaict there are no good torrent clients for macos

i was going back through old photos, organizing my files (breaking out original photography vs saved internet memes, one of which needs to be categorized by month and year, and the other just by year) and it's startling how much better 2019 was than recent life memory

@timokoesters because you have no alternative; people don't use decentralized services especially considering that the UX on ios sucks as ios push notifications for an app must all come from a centralized location.

given that constraint, this is the best centralized service possible.

@Synclair in what universe is a dude in a bearskin with antlers storming the US capitol a *bad* thing?!

the population of catalina is 4096 people, according to wikipedia

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Today I found out that it's possible to have a Half-Life LAN party between the 3DS and Vita

how the hell is phil potter not in super mega ultra jail

watching the fediverse and the matrix idiots bash signal today because they got 40M new users in a week (while those services have never gotten 1M users ever) is sad and frustrating.

especially considering signal is a) free and open source, b) vehemently against data collection, and c) beating them badly

sometimes i just want internet people to stfu

@CodingOtaku @dsv xmpp matrix and activitypub already exist. nobody is flocking to those. users chose signal, not those.

@vantablack if someone is close enough for you to stun gun them they are close enough to stab you with something pointy. there are much better tools for self defense. you probably want a ranged weapon.

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@ashley overthrow of the state is the speech that most needs protecting

@hund signal is entirely free software, and the service doesn't charge any money. to call signal nonfree is 100% inaccurate, regardless of your feelings on centralization. do not spread lies.

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