fuck, KDE makes it *really* hard to report bugs

you can't file KDE bugs without signing up for an account on their bugtracker. fix that, KDE.

how many human-years have the autoconf idiots destroyed in the last 15 years

really think nix should use ~/nix instead of /nix

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google suddenly has a phone number when you leave a $1000 hardware item in your cart and don't check out, ha! (it's sold out.)

i tried calling it. first off, if you need tech support, fuck off and go to this website. if you're trying to buy, stay on the line.

your estimated wait time is 300 minutes.

i wish i were joking

worse than a concentration camp in a country that has a censored news media?

a concentration camp for children in a country with a free press that actively reports on it, and people do nothing about it:


DJB has a really important point in this rant that is very likely going to be entirely missed because this document is a rant against someone who doesn't like a rapist.

I wish people doing important communications like this could learn to read the room. It's important to get this stuff right.


i super duper hope that these hype renders of the iphone 12 got the flat edge (4-6 style) right. i have been missing it ever since the 6SE.

@lnxw37a2 yes but who cares what country they're made in? that's down-well earth nonsense. once we have settlements on mars, do you really think people born there, ten light minutes away, are going to give two fucks about what earth-based landmass the visiting rockets are produced on? it's an implementation detail, an arbitrary division that serves no purpose but to obscure and distract.

i get it, space is an outgrowth of military engineering, finance, and production. that said, is it weird and incongruent to anyone else that this upcoming crew dragon mission is so insanely nationalistic in its messaging? AMERICAN astronauts on AMERICAN rocket from AMERICAN soil to AMERic... oh wait no INTERNATIONAL space station

i could upgrade my imac pro from 128gb of ram to 512gb of ram for only $5k

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