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@sneak I'm not biodegradable (My body is but the vessel; my ideals are forever)

@xorman thank you, i may end up having to use this (terrible 90s UI and all) simply because the alternatives suck so bad

i watched a random youtube recommendation today and i think Morgan Eckroth is my new celebrity crush

@mergan i actually do this but it's 1000 years which conveniently is time enough for plastic to biodegrade

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Before worrying about something, ask yerself "will this matter in 5 million years" :acat_corn:

@meredith as far as i can tell pretty much 100% of everyone here can't hear a fuckin' thing i say to them

@mike my first thoughts are that its table stakes features (full res sync) are paid features - and not just paid features, but *subscription* features. i use a new apple id on each device i use, and this means i now have to pay either $7/year or $24/device. this requires purchasing gift cards because payment cards link my identity to the apple id/device.

the mobile phone with the best camera hardware available does not allow e2e encrypted syncing of the photos you take on the device. you have to use icloud photos. icloud photos are not end to end encrypted so apple and the fbi can read them all.

does anyone know of any photo sync apps for ios that work continuously that can talk to my own devices?

i really really really miss syncthing on mobile. it's the only thing i truly miss from graphene.

i want to publish my photos. i'd like to do so in a beautiful way, on my own website, managed via a web backend. i'd like to do so without any dependencies on google, without using php, and in a way that supports either rss or activitypub or both.

is selfhosting pixelfed my best bet? is there like an open source flickr clone?

@fediverse use misogynistic language on the internet like the millions of others in this situation. then go upstairs and help your mom fix dinner.

i am unable to understand the angle being pushed by western media that says putin/russia benefits strategically from the destruction of those gas pipelines. russia is a petrostate and not being able to sell gas hurts the nation directly and indirectly.

@hans you are unfamiliar with my network or browser configuration

word of the day: hyperekplexia

extreme/heightened startle response

it is becoming impossible to use ebay with a vpn, much like etsy and most event ticketing websites.

@Truck 80gb flash are so cheap now that running one of these for a year is actually bad economically and environmentally

@berkes @surfingalot literally nobody else offers what they offer. if you think this is false, you do not understand what offers.

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ICYMI: Sometimes I write a mail to someone, because I need an answer. By writing and finding the right words to describe my problem, I already find the answer 80% of the time. These days, I only pretend to write mails to find answers.


@berkes @surfingalot etsy blocks vpns. shopify doesn't carry most things i need. ebay is paypal and blocks all my payment cards because i closed my paypal account. mom-and-pop woocommerce don't carry the things i need. walmart is walmart.

got any other bright ideas?

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