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I just heard someone say that taco trucks should drive around the neighborhood in the evenings and play music like ice cream trucks. I felt that.

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Me: “I’m not autistic.”
Also me at the hardware store: *buys large screw because it feels nice in hand and has “a good weight”

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Here’s some timelapse video from last night’s display of the Aurora Australis as seen from the Otago Peninsula in southern New Zealand #aurora #beauty #auroraausttalis

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“ceasefire ends” is a funny way of saying “IDF begins new batch of mass murder absent provocation following spree murder of 10k people”.

my mastodon client app on ios crashes whenever i try to upload an image to my instance because i haven’t updated it in a year or more cause it ain’t broke

@thor no the fix to being poor is to start and run a business. then use programming periodically and intermittently to automate much of the business.

@emmreef yes you should definitely vote for biden because palestinians aren’t marginalized people with lives in danger

@timnitGebru lol at thinking the military-industrial complex will divest itself of its military customers. tech isn’t distinct anymore. google and amazon and msft are the raytheon and boeing and lockheed of our time.

@msquebanh “we support the war, just not when we have to see pictures of the weapons”

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Some commenters objected to the #fundraiser because they support a #ceasefire — a calling card of left-wing #Jews. But even some who support #Israel’s campaign in #Gaza said they were uncomfortable with having the name of their #Facebook group written on a #weapon of #war.

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@kiwa what make/model? i would love a fax machine.

@Lorrrraaaaine i would totally do this if the wait was too long without takeoff or returning to gate. somewhere around 5 hours with no food or water and i’m audi

@JorisMeys @TheConversationUS i think we should be able to return fire. damage my cardiopulmonary system? i should be allowed to damage yours.

same goes with smokers.

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@TheConversationUS in all honesty, the amount of woodburning done in residential areas shows that reduction of air quality by gas stoves is not something people worry about. If they would, woodstoves would be illegal in residential areas. But here we are, coughing away due to the neighbours "cosy warmth".

@TheDefiant604 @TheConversationUS co2 isn’t poisonous. you probably mean CO, carbon monoxide.

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