unpopular take: the sentence for selling or using forged vax certs should be that you get intubated and placed on a ventilator for a month.

traveldocs.ba.com, site that you must use to submit absolutely required docs for travel (covid stuff) is throwing a TLS cert error.

what fresh hell is this

nevermind that if you storm the apple donut they will call men with 🔫 (no, not squirt guns) to come over and remove you.

I took this photo in the main SF Apple Store. Don't let anyone with valuables try to convince you they are anti-gun. They're only anti-your-gun.

"don't tread on me... unless you are the HOA, then, yes, i guess i will take it down"

what a coward heh

there was a gap of a few hours in between when my friend's death was announced and when his phone stopped sending delivery receipts to messages. that gap is over now and my temporary fantasy of him faking his own death is gone. this fucking sucks.

do you want variants? because this is how you get variants.

fred wilson personally took 1.8bn usd out of coinbase last week, along with another 1.8bn for his fund, if i'm reading this image correctly.

turning on Advanced Protection means opting in to additional surveillance by google.

google will upload images you view in your browser to google, and the only way to disable this in organization browser management is under "accessibility" settings. not being spied on by big G is now an accessibility setting.

chromeos management allows human beings without a soul who are working as system administrators to rob you of the small joy of being able to play the dinosaur jumping game in chrome when offline

somehow you always knew it would be those dumb motherfuckers in the 586....

if a personal computer is a bicycle for your mind, then what is a smartphone?

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