i'm old enough to remember when spamming via push notification was against the rules in the app store.

what epic facebook fuckery is trying to inject facebook spyware into my (tls only) webpage for 3100 of my visitors and smashing into my CSP? is this browser extension malware?

I triggered the rosetta install by duplicating terminal.app and doing a get info on the new one and checking "open using rosetta" per the instructions here:


one critical bug: after duplicating terminal, both icons had exactly the same name, no "Terminal (1)" or "Terminal copy": just two identical "Terminal" programs. Def a security issue there...

figured it out: rosetta is not installed by default unless you need it (for a gui app). even `arch -arch x86_64 <appname>` doesn't work until you try to run a gui x64 app and get the rosetta install prompt.

today my chromecast screensaver popped this one up on one of my 4ks when the stream died. gorgeous, and serious fight club finale vibes. anyone know where this is? is that salesforce tower?

forgetting anything, Apple?

(hint: it's your IP address)

finder man is now suffering from whatever deformity those cats with squished in faces have

it's so sad that the whole creative cloud is spyware. they even warn you that the apps are going to spy on you, which doesn't make it better:

i can't believe i pay real money for this garbage

only thing i haven't figured out yet is how to make fonts not butt-ugly. it could be that i'm not on hidpi and i've been spoiled by retina, but i don't recall fonts being this ugly even on low-dpi systems before.


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