fred wilson personally took 1.8bn usd out of coinbase last week, along with another 1.8bn for his fund, if i'm reading this image correctly.

turning on Advanced Protection means opting in to additional surveillance by google.

google will upload images you view in your browser to google, and the only way to disable this in organization browser management is under "accessibility" settings. not being spied on by big G is now an accessibility setting.

chromeos management allows human beings without a soul who are working as system administrators to rob you of the small joy of being able to play the dinosaur jumping game in chrome when offline

somehow you always knew it would be those dumb motherfuckers in the 586....

if a personal computer is a bicycle for your mind, then what is a smartphone?

i took a picture of the moon in my backyard. it's potato compared to those who are good at astrophotography, but i'm pretty chuffed that even tycho is plainly visible.

i think someone should tell the coinbase ceo that cosplaying the stonks man isn't really acceptable behavior for a ceo of a publicly traded company

be large and corporate, or google will warn your userbase that you're maybe a shady open source data-stealing, ski-mask wearing criminal.

they told me that spending a lot of money on gear won't make me a better photographer, but this is a bathroom mirror selfie and i'm pretty sure they're all wrong

if you have advanced protection on, google will mangle all your emails, even via imap, to rewrite all URLs to the google redirector, breaking email signatures, breaking PGP crypto signatures, et c.

if you want to back up your mail in its original form, you have to do it via data takeout/export.

also google: if you want to export your email unmodified, it takes months(!) because you have advanced protection on.

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