ugh fuck now i have to wait for a hacksaw to arrive so i can remove this hdd bracket because the 3090 is so much longer than the 3060

i bought a prebuilt so i wouldn't have to deal with hacking case sheet metal. fucking PCs, man.

i'm pretty sure this isn't illegal (this is happening on an imac pro which, last i checked, is "apple-branded hardware") but i'm also pretty sure that it should be

There is no way to install macOS 12.x Monterey (released yesterday) without an internet connection. If you have an offline M1 mac and you hook up a USB with the full 13GB installer .app on it (created with the ./createinstallmedia tool from it), even when you specify --downloadassets, it cannot be used to upgrade an airgapped machine.

There's now no way for me to know precisely what OS is running on my computer. And I just gave these pigfuckers $6.6k for a new one. :(

how does one enable offline/local dictation on an iphone 12 pro running ios15? all of the enable options have network disclaimers.

never forget that time that ben evans thought apple wasn't filtering porn but it turns out it was just looking at his history and he has an asian milf fetish

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