"I, for one, welcome our new cybernetic totalitarian overlords."

the canada/mexico iphone i bought (because i need a sim card slot) doesn't speak the 5g bands used in the usa. if i get the one that speaks the 5g bands in the usa, i can't use my german sim card because those don't have sim slots. cool.

so when you pair airpods to a mac, the mac immediately contacts 'gateway.icloud.com' from 'searchpartyuseragent'. i screenshotted this connection dialog.

i was viewing the screenshot in finder quick view preview. my first thought: thisisfine.jpg

arbitrary kernel code exec vuln.... on your monitor.

how do we stop this ride i want to get off

apparent apple software update (13.1 -> 13.2 on M1) phoning home (xp.apple.com is telemetry AFAIK) admittedly via private relay (to obscure client ip) but this is happening with analytics OFF.

twitter blue is not available if your phone number carrier is protected by hardware 2FA, only if you use a phone number from a mobile carrier that lets you get sim swapped.

new battlestation configuration is making some progress

BE ADVISED: mediaanalysisd on macos ventura 13.1 will contact apple APIs when browing LOCAL IMAGES (in the finder via spacebar quicklook!) even with icloud off, without use of the Photos app - just browing local files.

Your Mac is now snitching on you.

so there's that (it's a test machine for a client, i'd never buy an 8gb laptop fyi)

are you proud of this app privacy label, mozilla? is this the viewpoint of firefox?

note that i do not use icloud, do not use photos.app, and have all icloud/itunes domains blocked. for some reason mediaanalysisd is still phoning home to apple. "privacy is a human right" my shiny metal ass.

so glad that apple writes documentation for the processes that come with macosX

i can't believe that literally nobody has accused me of being a troll in the two months i've been rockin' this hair

one day i'll commit this to memory. today is not that day

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