the canada/mexico iphone i bought (because i need a sim card slot) doesn't speak the 5g bands used in the usa. if i get the one that speaks the 5g bands in the usa, i can't use my german sim card because those don't have sim slots. cool.

@teezeh i live 40% of the year in germany and 60% of the year in the usa. i can't do banking in germany unless i can get SMS on my german number. i could technically throw my german sim into another phone but i already travel with 4 phones and i like not having to switch phones when i switch continents.

@teezeh also if my phone is damaged in the usa, i don't know that i can get a new german esim remotely.

@teezeh deutsche bank is fucking terrible, i can do some weird "phototan" system but it involves receiving post in a timely fashion in .de to activate and persist use of. SMS always works.

@sneak Then change your bank. Sparkasse is fine IMHO. I personally use DKB, and I can wholeheartedly recommend it.

@teezeh did kraftwerk write a song with lyrics about sparkasse?

it's DRM regions all over again :-/
if it takes away your freedom, you're the product
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