there are a lot more rude people on the fediverse than on twitter, i find. :/

@sneak :blobcatpat: I saw that thread too, don't worry about it too much

@mewmew that is encouraging, thank you. do you know other nice people to follow?

@sneak idk - what kinda stuff are you interested in?
@sneak hmm

off the top of my head, @toast, @tedu, and @kick all post about computers and internet

(I'm sure there are more but I am bad at follow recommendations - I use follow very liberally myself and would recommend you do too)
@mewmew @sneak @tedu @toast Really, Allison's content is better.

I just like talking about the virtues of staring at arrays.
@mewmew @sneak @tedu @toast Oh yeah the federation has poor search. @Allison is the person being referenced here.
@kick @mewmew @sneak @tedu @toast Eh? Better content? Can't even imagine tbh, considering how much of this account I feel is just low effort funposting (or screwing around)
@kick @allison @sneak @tedu @toast yeah, her content is pretty good too

(still can't believe she joined here from hn lol)
@mewmew @allison @sneak @tedu @toast To be fair, 'sneak is also a relatively prominent Hacker News user.
@mewmew @kick @sneak @tedu @toast With some weird 4chan cross pollination for good measure
@kick @mewmew @sneak @tedu @toast Reddit is literally fine as long as you avoid r/all (defaults) and stick to the smaller subs.
@allison @mewmew @sneak @tedu @toast Oh also lol the implication was that the federation sucked, nothing to do with reddit.
@mewmew @allison @sneak @tedu @toast Bait aside:

HN was by the guy with the idea for reddit, after the people who worked on reddit fucked up reddit. He later rage-quit his own site, too, after finding out that internet commentary will never actually be well-kept if open access is allowed.
@allison @mewmew @sneak @tedu @toast The federation is like, what laarc is to Hacker News.
@allison @mewmew @sneak @tedu @toast HN separatist community from a guy who went postal on HN moderation.
@allison @mewmew @sneak @tedu @toast It actually has some interesting features (I think it's just a fork of the arc News codebase) and in a lot of ways is quite nice, technically. I haven't really played around with it much, granted.
@allison @mewmew @sneak @tedu @toast So in that way, laarc is not at all like what AP is to twitter.
@kick @mewmew @sneak @tedu @toast Just took a look at their front page, goodness me is it slow. The whole rms kerfuffle is still headline news, and I'd easily estimate that lobsters gets more submissions in a week than that site has in it's lifetime (not that this is an endorsement of lobsters mind you)
@allison @mewmew @sneak @tedu @toast Oh definitely very slow. Surprisingly, though, some of the people on the HN leaderboard post semi-frequently, seemingly.

@kick @allison @mewmew @tedu @toast am i? i use it every day but don’t think of myself as prominent.

@sneak @allison @mewmew @tedu @toast It might just be that I use it too much (I do, I do), but I see your name pretty frequently in the threads I like, at least.

@mewmew @kick @tedu @sneak @toast if you like seeing a complete amateur designer fail at making "cool website" im open

@sneak Is that so? Then please go back to Twitter where people are nicer and never interact with Fediverse people or data anymore.

A rude Fediverse peep

@hypolite just got banned from twitter so i'm not sure that is an option any longer

@sneak Their ban policies are dubious but in this particular case I'm not surprised.
@sneak From the few posts I've seen from you, you've shown little more than contempt for people with different beliefs than yourself. On Twitter, this can quickly earn you reports and an eventual ban.
@sneak Your "ethics statement" on your Fediverse crawler project, the related Hacker News conversation and the original post in the present discussion.

@hypolite could you please cite a specific sentence I have written anywhere that shows contempt?

@sneak "in my mind people who object to the downloading of public toots for archiving/searching are like the people who tried to sue google for scanning all the books"
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