endlessly disappointing that entirely consensual relationships between *adults* is now considered just cause for cancellation, and that those doing the cancelling are using terms reserved solely for rapists ("coercion") and pedophiles ("grooming").

it breaks my heart to see cancel culture out of control.

@mewmew warren ellis apparently slept or otherwise was romantically involved with several adult women who admired him professionally and engaged in consensual relationships with him. adult, consensual relationships, and now they're using words like "grooming" (which explicitly means pedophilia, which is not what happened) and "coerced" (which explicitly means rape, which is not what happened") to describe his behavior, which i think is terrible unfair spin.

@sneak lmao yeah. people who fuck celebs and then regret it don't get a pass imo.
@mewmew @sneak
Women: I can't believe he used his fame to RAPE all those women
Also women: Hnng my celeb crush posted a shirtless pic I'd die for him xD
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