rms cold emailed me today to ask me point blank why i am still running macOS.


@sneak holy based rms. can you post the email here?

@sneak Yes, I degraded my macbook to a music player.

@sarvasana i run macOS on my imac pro, my 16" 64gb rMBP, and presumably on the M1 air that will arrive next week

@sneak @Dashtop

Nah thanks, me neither. I run macos on the macbook pro, Manjaro on a P51 and Arch on a Yoga.

The mac just plays music. :)

@Dashtop @sarvasana i just wrote 6000 words about why it's not, which should be published soon. free software has to compete first on merit, and *then* ideology, because competing on ideology alone means people will continue buying gasoline cars and burning gasoline until the last human is dead. it has to be the best *car*, not only the best *electric car*.

@sneak @sarvasana PopOS won me on beauty that's why I was suggesting it, because I have to manually update elementary os

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