i need to send email to 4000 people. how do i do that a) without ending up in spam and b) cheaply?

suggestions to use gnu mailman will result in my muting your account

@sneak there's a nice addon for #thunderbird that may fulfill your needs, it's called "Mail Merge"

@paoloredaelli this needs an SMTP server that can send that much identical mail

I used it to send notices to almost 150 students. It delays postings to avoid being labelled as spammer. The smtp servers I usually use reject emails with hundreds of bcc recipients

@sneak For this kind of volume, Mailjet is a good option. The free plan may not be enough if you want to send the emails quickly, it is limited to 200 emails per day, 6000 emails per month (obviously) and if I remember correctly, with the free plan, they add their logo at the bottom of your content.

@sneak hire a team of Indians to individually type each email

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