copyrights, including those used to enforce free software licenses, are inherently violent because they ultimately depend on state violence (a cop with a gun) or threat of same to enforce them. without an armed pig, copyrights are just fairytales told by congress to media companies.

@sneak I agree they are inherently violent... I have nothing wrong with violence when used to defend against what is mine.

@sneak Well legally you can, but I might agree with you that legally you should not be allowed to, that would depend on circumstances and nuance. I never said copyright law cant or shouldn't be tweaked in some ways, but i am perfectly ok with the general concept when properly applied.

@freemo yeah intellectual property is a fairy tale, made up by people who want to do violence to protect their non-property-based revenue streams. you can't own numbers, full stop.

it's a clear violation of the NAP to threaten me with a gun because of files on my hard drive that i sent to some other person.

@sneak Whoever said I agree with NAP? I have no problem with you being held at gunpoint for having data on your hard drive which I invented and you stole from me. Though as i said it depends on the nuance.

I might be aok with, for example, you coming up with the same "number" as me totally on your own, from scratch, using none of my private material. But if you had to steal from me to get it, then no I dont mind someone using violence to stop you.

It also depends on what you mean by number.. if its a commonly used number I have no issue with you having it as they will float around by chance anyway.. However if it is some gigantic number that would be impossible for you to have by chance and could only have it by stealing it from me, then no, large numbers are effectively data at that point.

When you break into my home to take something I create (or onto my computer or any other means) then NAP goes out the window, I have no problem you getting shot for that shit or threatened to be shot when its found on your computer.

@sneak dont want violence used on you, dont steal other peoples shit, which is effectively forcing them to do manual labor for you for free. Its pretty simple.

@sneak Or to put it another way, dont want to get shot, dont break into peoples homes or property...

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