almost all of the other protected classes are innate traits. religious beliefs are a personal choice, and should not be a protected class.

@sneak so we're allowed to fire people for being jews then?
@sneak in the Netherlands are religious and political beliefs protected.

@sneak Again, the biggest mistake during the pandemic was probably to make it political by intervening in people's lives. Every move to make something effectively mandatory makes people think twice if it's in their best self-interest. And of course that will give power to some questionable people that share the same concern and aren't afraid to be vocal about it.

Treat people like your subjects and they will (hopefully) rebell.

@sebx2a i don't think that's remotely close to the biggest mistake during the pandemic.

@sneak From my perspective (as a libertarian) having to argue against forced measures that are completely reasonable if voluntary seems pretty bad because it will inadvertently be mistaken. Also making it all about protecting others instead of oneself makes it an unnecessarily hard sell.

I also believe that politization made it hard to get reliable data on anything to make informed decisions. I'll never just follow.

What would you describe as worse decisions/actions though?

@sebx2a the lying about masks. the bureaucratic delays in getting out the vaccine. not preventing in-person gatherings in homes. the delays in closing bars and restaurants and gyms. reopening bars and in-person dining and gyms and churches too soon.

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