periodic reminder that YYYY-MM-DD is the only acceptable way to write dates


I'm with you with the caveat that this only applies to numeric dates for things like data collection. In other contexts written dates *might* also be acceptable. When in doubt default should be yyyy-mm-dd.

For example it is acceptable the have the date on a wedding invitation read "Wednesday, the thirteenth of April
the year of our Lord two thousand twenty one"

@JeffPaetkau incorrect. wedding invitations themselves should not be used.

@JeffPaetkau marriage is deprecated, heteronormativity and all its trappings are outmoded and unnecessary and should be tossed in the bin

@sneak marriage is eternal, heteronormativity and all its trappings are foundational and essential and should be restored from the trash bin

@sneak ... also I feel like this discussion has gone down a really random rabbit trail

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