other instances of apple's excessive wokeness-signalling: they will render your UTF-8 gun emoji as a squirt gun (something entirely different than a gun), because under the newspeak rules if you can't say "gun" in emoji then the concept of gun will become unthinkable and nobody will get shot anymore


nevermind that if you storm the apple donut they will call men with 🔫 (no, not squirt guns) to come over and remove you.

I took this photo in the main SF Apple Store. Don't let anyone with valuables try to convince you they are anti-gun. They're only anti-your-gun.

@sneak they also took the blood out of the syringe emoji "because antivaxxers."

@icedquinn nothing really suggests that it was because antivaxxers, just that the syringe is used to indicate vaccines and that the blood in the tube is inappropriate for the observed use case. this is emoji descriptivism, which i support.

the squirt gun thing was just politicking in my text editor, though, just like their censorship of the taiwanese flag in zh-localized iOS.

@sneak i don't really support changing emojis. they could have just added :syringe_empty: or :vaccine: instead of iconoclast.

@icedquinn the meanings (and spellings and pronunciations) of words change over time, the meanings of emoji change too, and it is reasonable that their graphical representations should change, too. it shouldn't be fucking look-how-woke-we-are tech companies dictating it via unmodifiable DRM OSes, though.


@sneak funny how people who repeat this meme still insist the swastika still belongs to nazis. :youmuwink:

@icedquinn the swastika will equal nazis for at least another 50 years or so. :dealwithit: society-wide pointers don't snap quickly.

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