if your cryptocurrency project is primarily centered around discord, telegram, or google docs, (or github for that matter) you've already failed to learn why cryptocurrencies exist and probably won't matter in the long run.

bitcoin runs on irc and a mailing list, just like linux.

@sneak There is a difference between communication for dev teams and the "community managers", which unfortunately has become a requisite for every project that depends on hype and token price to finance itself.

But overall I agree. You can also add medium to the list, which for some reason is the blog "platform" for every marketer.

@raphael community management is irrelevant; if your project has value the community will manage itself. who manages the linux community? where is the official discord?

@sneak Linux does not have a token and does not depend on hype to fund its development.

I did put a qualifier, didn't I?

@raphael yeah, i guess we're in agreement: projects that depend on hype are irrelevant projects, in my view.

@sneak the ones on Matrix or IRC definitely give off the best vibes.
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