I don't think society has any business subsidizing child care. It's nowhere near universally agreed that reproduction is a good thing.

@sneak, I won’t go into whether reproduction is good or bad but it is certainly the sole purpose of our existence as mortal organisms. I understand if you are an introvert and has mixed feelings about humans though.

@sneak The vast majority of people, who choose to reproduce (or more importantly, want the option to eventually choose) would probably disagree. There are also huge economic benefits in childhood health and welfare, education and getting smart people back to work quicker.

@sneak first let's change the pension system so it doesn't rely on a stream of younger people working to pay for the old. Then we need to drop the charade about "Open borders" vs "Welfare State". One XOR other. (Given you don't want subsidized child care, I assume open borders?)

After that, I will *gladly* take the money saved from taxes and compulsory Rentenversicherung and use to pay private/quality child care. Or even better, we can go to single-income family and stop working for the man.

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