Follow is the only thing really keeping me on macOS. I won't use mutt and there are, to my knowledge, zero good (non-phone-home) good GUI mail clients for linux.

I'm happy to be corrected on this point, if you have knowledge.

@sneak if you come from macOS then Gnome would feel like a more familiar experience. (disclaimer: I use both)

@novichan it looks pretty good! i am so happy to see progress in this realm

@sneak I use Trojita. It's development slowed down but it's still a good-looking GUI client not as bloaty as Thunderbird or as old-looking as claws-mail.

You probably know Kmail and Evolution, so not recommending them?

@bionade24 the last time i tried those (admittedly many years ago) they were hot garbage so i should probably revisit. will look into trojita

@sneak IIRC KDE at least fixed their calendar not long ago. Before that, caldav sync was hidden under layers of menus, absolutely unusable.

@sneak I use Geary (, but it lacks some features and mantainer (last I checked), but graphics wise I think it's quite pleasant.

@sneak Why don't you like mutt? Just prefer GUI or ? If term apps is OK and not a fan of mutt, there is aerc that is pretty neat, though minimal.

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