it's really amazing to me how many haters moxie has. just goes to show you that even if you're a cypherpunk doing great work, doing the impossible (actual free software that actually works well, which is cryptography on top, making it 3x impossible) that people will still find lies to repeat to shit on you because you did something big and great and successful.

i was about to say "there should be a name for this" but then i recalled that there actually is:

@sneak I criticised Moxie and Signal sometimes but that doesn't mean I don't respect their work. Mentioning what is wrong is not always hate.

I also criticised some of Stallman's works or behaviors but you know I'm a huge fan of him and a free software advocate.

I believe my case goes for some other people too.

@arh @sneak i dont hate moxie either but he's part of that camp of security researchers that i dont get along with and that have some of the wrong priorities in mind

@sneak I understand, I just wanted to make an example.

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