what are the best activitypub clients for android? ideally ones that a) only talk to the homeserver and nowhere else and b) have good support for notifications (without using play services or firebase or a centralized notification service)

@sneak subway tooter is about the only one worth using

@wowaname it uses fcm, you are the one who didn't read the requirements I clearly stated.

@sneak you literally said "ideally" quit being a nigger
@sneak @wowaname Lots of things have non-free dependancies. Doesn't make them spyware.
Non-free network services? No idea what they are talking about. Mastodon and Pleroma are free and open source.
Crash logs mean nothing to 99.9% of people. And yes, the app is useless without the server.
@meshyagain @sneak all those "anti-features" listed are solely due to ST's optional usage of firebase/gcm and shit like translating posts
@wowaname @sneak Doesn't every app from the playstore have proprietary Google bits?
@meshyagain @sneak assuming your phone doesnt have play services or microg, you can easily find out for yourself what traffic is being sent from the app via tcpdump or something

@meshyagain @wowaname the nonconsensual tracking is what makes it spyware. i don't use or support apps that do that.

@sneak I'm happy with huasky, though I also used to used fedilab(I switched because fedilab struggles with pleroma in ways husky doesn't.
@sneak Husky is one of them. Native apps also support TLS pinning, if integrated into the code.

@sneak Tusky on F-Droid, no tracking, no non free deps. It's also just a great app that works well.

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