i think every single day for the last week or so a new case count record has been set in the US, yet newspapers have not really reported this as a headline. they publish the numbers and charts and expect you to remember and notice.

"COVID 2X WORSE THAN PREVIOUS PEAK" just isn't what people want to hear right now? at what point is a raging (and worsening) catastrophe simply old news?

two years is the answer i guess

this has been your friendly neighborhood alert fatigue awareness league

@sneak Forget the US, this is so messed up over there.

You should just care about EU and here, we are going well, OK, except for the vaccinated which are in ICU but at least not dying.

also test case != hospitalization|dead

Imagine if we made such stupid massive test for influenza in this period.

the only key indicators should be : reanimation/death.

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