@sneak @Gargron@mastodon.online I can read this but the code is definitely not colored like that by our CSS - it appears white as it is supposed to on FastMail's web client. It's the e-mail client trying to do something "smart" here.

@Gargron @Gargron this is the built in email client on the most popular phone in the world. (mail on ios15)

@sneak @Gargron@mastodon.online iOS is not free of bugs. I cannot explain what is happening here. You can just copypaste it though, you don't have to actually read it with your eyes.

@Gargron @Gargron i am aware of all of these mitigations. my point was that if you test your emails on even one device, it should probably be the stack that triggers this bug. it is literally the most popular email client in the world. if it has a bug displaying your message, the message probably needs to be updated. them's the breaks, i don't like the cupertino hegemony either.

also i didn't even realize at first there was text in the box to be copied.

@Gargron @Gargron suggestion: explicitly force background to white, explicitly force text to black, on the deepest element. hopefully that will work across the largest selection of devices.

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