i see a lot of horrible shit on activitypub. i block or mute people every day. i wish there were better tools i could opt in to (like adblock hosts files) by URL or something that made the process easier.

you know what i have never wished for? that they couldn't say these things, or that other people who aren't me shouldn't be able to read them.

@sneak That's the problem with Fedi block. Blocking should be the choice of the individual, not instance admins. I also wish there was an add-on/mod that pulled from a known blacklist of users.

@lucifer i think the ideal way to do
it would be having accounts that can publish rule add/remove messages, and have each instance just consume those updates in real-time, index them, and provide them as checkboxes for users. that way you'd subscribe to a moderator by AP id, it wouldn't even have to be a url or local to your instance.

@lucifer like you'd toot { "block_add_user": "" } and instances would amend their blocklists (available to users on an opt-in basis, per user) with the new data.

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