violating sanctions is a victimless crime. the crime is the theft of taxes on trade within the country (to fund violence), or if you trade directly with the government of the evil country, and fund them.

doing business with someone (not in government) in a country subject to sanctions is morally just. so is teaching in a sanctioned country.

what happened to virgil griffith is absolutely shameful. he is in jail for teaching.

@sneak do you think there is anyone in North Korea that can do business *without* being connected to its government?

@raphael you can say the same about the united states global imperialistic war and the people subjected to the taxation that funds it

@sneak and what does that have to do with your first claim?

You said that "helping business not connected to the government is morally just", but if you know that any business in NK is connected to the govt, then Virgil has no moral ground and you are just left with empty rhetoric.

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