i wonder if people will look back at us spending person-centuries folding clothes manually the same way we look back at people spending person-centuries washing clothes by hand in the river

@Hyolobrika that's fine too, people who don't like it can start companies that don't use it, or refuse to work at companies that do. amazon's workers are unionizing, for example. i read that story years ago, please miss me with the reply guy move

>reply guy
wtf does that even mean?
social media is a public conversation. people who don't like it can join a private chatroom

@sneak I could go by what it seems to mean ("someone who replies to my post with something I disagree with") but I'm sure you would like to tell me your side of the story. someone told me a different definition before but I forgot it

@sneak I don't remember pointing out hypocrisy. I don't remember you being hypocritical.

@sneak @Hyolobrika >people who don't like it can start companies that don't use it, or refuse to work at companies that do.
-100 social credit score for suggesting dangerous ideas

@sneak I special requested a previous model of the new washing machine I bought this month just because the only upgrade was adding a WiFi chip and an 'app' you could download. How about less data tracking and instead give me a washer + dryer + folder combo.

@toastal you can get it and just not connect it to your network, leave it offline. for most appliances connectivity/apps are still optional.

@sneak you're in the EU though... I wouldn't trust that a device wouldn't connect to a open WiFi or meshing with another same-branded device without my permission. I'd read a story that at some point on of the SMART TVs was sending data down the coax cable to the cable box even if it wasn't connected to WiFi or Ethernet. Considering the only upgrade was the WiFi stuff, it's probably safer without 😅

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