the fact that the richest person in the world also appears to be the person delivering the most productive and irreplaceable value in the world seems to me as an indicator that the system is working as it should

@sneak nope. Ita a sign that he invasively shut down all his competitors through a price piercing model and regulatiry attacks rendering the market incapable of competing with his aggressive & malicious tactics. U think it worked great? Cause if it did, there would be no shortages rn. How much is gas costing u rn and how many shelves are empty?
@Soy_Magnus @sneak elon didn't have anything to do with raising the cost of gas (he's currently #1 in documented worldwide wealth)
@icedquinn @sneak i thought that was a refenece to amaxon/bezo. No elon musk is filled to the brim with tax subsidies and his shit vehicles wont work unless poor people are crushed by the infation used to pay for those subsidies. Dont believe me look back at what happened when the wind turbines froze in texas. Hes also a scam artist whos got a slick tounge and has almost no actually successful projects. Look at star link the solar roofing, if he wasnt taking money from china and other governments to use his tech to spy on thier citizens, hed have been shown foe the fraud he is by now. The moneys ran out, its just tricklin the last few drops atm. Wait till the market realizes and loses confidence, ull see

@Soy_Magnus @icedquinn you're on mute now, feel free to reply as much as you want.

@sneak how articulate of u. I admit uve bested me kind sir im appauled at ur well thought out and precise rebutal
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