SALE only till June 15! The Librem 14 is the first ultra-portable laptop for the security-conscious road warrior—designed to respect your rights to privacy, security, and freedom. Enter promocode L14SUMMER when you check out at to get $100 off your order. Standard order is shipping within 10 days.

@purism low res and doesnt charge with standard usb-c, why would anyone buy this?

@sneak @purism Charges with either barrel or usb-c ports. I charge mine with a standard USB-C PD hub acting as a docking station most of the time, but have the option to use barrel charger if I needed the extra usb-c port and didn't have a hub.


@kyle @purism ok, why the 2013 screen resolution then?

@sneak @purism We had a 4k screen in our past 15.6" laptop but design team deemed it unnecessary for this smaller screen. Our goal isn't to compete purely on specs and race to the bottom on price, but instead provide unique features hard to find in other laptops: hardware kill switches, ethernet, removable components that run with free software drivers, Qubes support, anti-interdiction services, and coreboot or PureBoot (Heads) boot firmware and FOSS EC firmware.

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