it's a bummer that all y'all are here simply because you hate elon; it means that most of the influx to the fediverse lately has been trend-following idiots.

maybe some good will come of it.

@sneak or it could be because folks see the dumpster fire that had started / ship sinking and fled to life boats?

Just cause someone moved doesn’t make them a trend-following idiot. This a hot take I hope?

@sneak also, what’s the point of calling folks idiots? It adds no value to any part of the discussion. You’re starting off the discussion by assuming people are idiots. Why not assume the best until proven wrong? It’s just gatekeeping at its worst. Accept the new comers, and see what they add. Help them. Make them see the benefits vs just calling them idiots…

@sneak my brain now hurts from thinking about this too much. Back to work and video games I gooooo~

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