in 44 hours in california, 19 people were killed in mass shootings.

in those same 44 hours in california, 90 people died of covid.

@sneak How many medical malpractice deaths, opioid deaths?


@HSTG cigarette deaths are approximately 7x opiate deaths every day/week/month.

@sneak And of those mass shooting, most gang related. How many of them are selling cigarettes?

@HSTG i'll never be able to recover the seconds spent reading your reply, sadly

@sneak Reality to much to swallow? The majority of mass shooting in the USA are gang related. These same gangs are pushing opioids. Nobody is shooting the place up over cigarettes. I bet you swallow a lot. What's so hard about this?

@HSTG @sneak

Well publicised Current Thing mass shootings always conveniently emerge when there is some other news brewing which is bad for the DC swamp creatures.

True, only certain shooting make headlines. If the gang issue was taken care of the rate of mass shootings would be less than a 1/10 of what it is now. Would fix the opioid issue as well.


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