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No, macOS doesn't send info about your local photos to #Apple
We analyzed mediaanalysisd after an extraordinary claim by Jeffrey Paul that it scans local photos and secretly sends the results to an Apple server.


#Cybersecurity #Privacy #macOS #InfoSec

@mysk actually you should not spread incorrect information - i never made that claim. read the article again.

@sneak @mysk Now I'm confused. @sneak even your blog title says "Apple Has Begun Scanning Your Local Image Files Without Consent".

Furthermore you wrote: "Today, Apple scanned my local files and those scanning programs attempted to talk to Apple APIs, even though I don’t use iCloud, Apple Photos, or an Apple ID."

So, can you please explain that? Which incorrect information did @mysk spread here?
From my point of view there is not much room for misinterpretation of your blog.


@iBender70 @mysk he claimed that i said macos sends info about local photos to apple. i never made that claim. read my article carefully.

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