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No, macOS doesn't send info about your local photos to #Apple
We analyzed mediaanalysisd after an extraordinary claim by Jeffrey Paul that it scans local photos and secretly sends the results to an Apple server.


#Cybersecurity #Privacy #macOS #InfoSec

@mysk actually you should not spread incorrect information - i never made that claim. read the article again.

@sneak @mysk Now I'm confused. @sneak even your blog title says "Apple Has Begun Scanning Your Local Image Files Without Consent".

Furthermore you wrote: "Today, Apple scanned my local files and those scanning programs attempted to talk to Apple APIs, even though I don’t use iCloud, Apple Photos, or an Apple ID."

So, can you please explain that? Which incorrect information did @mysk spread here?
From my point of view there is not much room for misinterpretation of your blog.

@iBender70 @mysk he claimed that i said macos sends info about local photos to apple. i never made that claim. read my article carefully.


@Hyolobrika @iBender70 @mysk that mediaanalysisd, a process for scanning local files, is phoning home to apple APIs via the internet without consent or authorization, when iCloud and Photos.app are not in use at all, and no reasonable person would expect API connections being made to Apple.

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