@jessicawildfire there's nothing in your account to support the conclusion you put forth in the title. maybe it was EBV, maybe it wasn't. people go nuts without EBV too.

@jessicawildfire the anti-minimizing-disease-risk is something i can get behind, though. people are fools, generally speaking.

@sneak @jessicawildfire Of course she doesn't have proof that her mother's specific case was due to that specific bout of EBV.

The point is we *do* know that EBV triggers serious neurological (and other) consequences in some of the population --->because we've had decades to study it <---.

We're going to find out whose lives are ruined by covid. In decades to come.

It's beyond stupid to pretend we can just risk everything when we don't even know what "everything" includes.

@quixote @jessicawildfire tbh we probably won't find out, most people so affected will just die unstudied

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