how long until richie hawtin gets cancelled for naming a song Spastik

@sneak Wasn't it originally supposed to be a part of that concept album about disorders that was never finished, but most tracks from which were later released as Artifakts [bc]?

@m0xee i'm not sure? sounds like Hypokondriak might also be part of this concept? i didn't know about this

@sneak It is! In fact I have always considered Artifakts such an album, but Hawtin said in some interview that he originally had something even bigger in mind, an album called Klinik or something like that. It does sometimes happen when you work on a concept album, but your mind wanders off, gets engaged by something different and you can't get back into the original mood to fill the gaps. Good that he released it as Artifakts, one of my favorite electronic albums of all time!

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