i fucking hate giving adobe money but i'm still not ready to use cracked lightroom because it has so much valuable shit stored in it. at least i downgraded from the $600/year full creative cloud to the $250/year lightroom-and-photoshop-only one. fuck adobe.

please someone replace lightroom with something usable (it isn't darktable, shhh)

Why don’t you make something better since it’s so easy instead of crying about Adobe?

@bot it's not easy, and i attempted to contribute to darktable but they are rude and uncooperative so i stopped. if you don't like my complaining, mute and/or unfollow. thank you, drive through.

It seems like most ppl behind these free projects are insufferable which is why they never go anywhere. Not to mention the lack of funding. I never said I don’t like complaints tho so stop crying.
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