i fucking hate giving adobe money but i'm still not ready to use cracked lightroom because it has so much valuable shit stored in it. at least i downgraded from the $600/year full creative cloud to the $250/year lightroom-and-photoshop-only one. fuck adobe.

please someone replace lightroom with something usable (it isn't darktable, shhh)

Why don’t you make something better since it’s so easy instead of crying about Adobe?
@bot @sneak just use Capture One it’s way better than Lightroom

@gray @bot the problem is that i have 26 years of digital photography in lightroom already. does capture one import all of that? can it even handle a library that huge? it's like 2TB and hundreds of thousands of images...

@sneak I don’t have nearly as many files as that but it handles my 400GB or so folders just fine.

It won’t directly import the edits and I hinge like that so you’d lose any work you’d previously done as far as I know. So switching would tough for you.

I switched over to it years ago with Capture One’s better support for Fuji X cameras.
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