Pictured: Apple's M2 MacBook Air speaker response (measured with a mic), and the response you get when you zero out every 128th sample of a sine sweep.

They have a stupid off-by-one bug in the middle of their bass enhancer AND NOBODY NOTICED NOR FIXED IT IN OVER A YEAR.

So instead of this (for a 128-sample block size):

for (int sample = 0; sample <= 127; sample++)
// process sample

They did this:

for (int sample = 0; sample < 127; sample++)
// process sample

Legendary audio engineering there Apple.

We can now, very confidently say the audio quality of Asahi Linux will be better than Apple's. Because we don't have blatant, in your face off-by-one bugs in our DSP and we actually check the output to make sure it's good 😂​

FFS, and people praise them for audio quality. I get it, the bar is so low it's buried underground for just about every other laptop, but come on...

Edit: replaced gif with video because Mastodon is choking on the animation duration...


@marcan the latter would make a cool album cover

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