When science showed in the 70s that gas stoves produced harmful indoor air pollution, the industry reached for tobacco’s PR playbook by:

✖️ casting doubt on negative findings
✖️ funding its own biased research

There’s still plenty of debate about whether gas stoves belong in homes, but it’s important to know where the “evidence” comes from, and to expose the tactics that vested interest groups have used for years.


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I moved into a small apartment a couple of years ago. The first time I tried using the gas stove, the CO2 detectors went off. I regularly hear the detectors in other nearby apartments going off.

Basically, the vent over the stove has to be on at least 2 out of 3, and the apartment ventilator turned up to high speed, to keep the poisonous gases from using the stove at a low enough level.

#Climate #ClimateJustice #EnergyTransition #GasStove #GasStoves #AirPollution


@TheDefiant604 @TheConversationUS co2 isn’t poisonous. you probably mean CO, carbon monoxide.

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